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The new iPad Pro experience: Can we replace laptops?

Throughout the years, Apple has released some of the most attractive tablets on the market. When the first tablet was released, everybody thought that this device will outcome laptops.

Approximately five years later, Apple has released the biggest, most powerful and fastest iPad it has ever launched on the market.

Probably, customers who already own an iPad are using this device for checking emails, browsing the Web and check out their social media accounts, or simply for playing games.

Well, did they ever considered to use the tablet for an all-day work and stop using their laptops?

New iPad Pro vs Laptops
This is the main question, especially now since Apple has released its biggest tablet ever, called the iPad Pro.
The new iPad Pro is without a doubt the biggest tablet on the market. This new device has approximately 13 inches and comes with some new accessories and features, like a new side connector for keyboards and a stylus, called the Pencil.

The new stylus is without a doubt the most attractive accessory at this device, being a super-accurate accessory that will be very useful, especially for artists.

Another main fact that will attract customers is the operating system that allows them to split-screen for multitasking.

This new iPad Pro has the starting price of 799 dollars and comes with 32GB of internal storage. Of course, there are many other alternatives that customers could opt for, including the 949 dollars model that has 128GB of internal storage and the 1,079 dollars model that homes 128GB of internal storage and 4G LTE data.

Unfortunately, neither of these models includes a keyboard or any other accessory in the purchase price, meaning that accessories can be bought separately.

So, probably at first sight, the new iPad Pro is the perfect tablet that artists should opt for, because it has a larger screen for graphic work and comes with a stylus that is super accurate.

To be added that the Pencil pairs via Bluetooth and requires to be charged. There is no problem, because it has a Lightning plug situated at the end that allows users to plug it into the tablet for a quick charge. As for the keyboard, this accessory is pretty decent, users can type easily on it, but it cannot be used as a screen protector or a case.

The iPad Pro has received a lot of appreciation so far, being an impressive device. But, the question is if this device will be able to give the needed refresh to the tablet market, which has suffered great decreases in the most recent period of time.

If at first, tablets were popular for providing a great possibility to access a series of features on a bigger screen, compared to smartphones, offering more portability, compared to laptops, now, tablets need to find the way to make their presence unreplaceable in customers' lifestyles.

If a tablet such as the iPad Pro, will ever be able to replace the laptop is something unclear for now.

Meanwhile, according to numerous analysts, Apple is hoping that its latest device will give a boost the sale of its tablets, which have decreased in the last couple of years.
The new iPad Pro experience: Can we replace laptops? Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 11/22/2015 04:59:00 PM Rating: 5

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