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The new Samsung Gear VR

The virtual reality sector is still young, but this can be the future of gaming. Nowadays, probably not so many people are interested in something like this or in buying a Samsung phone just to be able to check it out.

However, for Samsung users, probably the new Gear VR is a great opportunity to play games or have fun. The new Samsung Gear VR is available at the price of 99 dollars and it is the latest device through which the famous company is trying to sell virtual reality.

The new Gear VR works with four Galaxy smartphones and it is the third model to be released on the market in under a year. However, the new Samsung Gear VR is probably the first model that is ready to be taken under consideration, because it comes with a good batch of games and apps.

New Samsung Gear VR Insights and tech review
Another interesting thing is that this new device comes with apps that will take users into a variety of "you are there" 3D landscapes.

What that this mean?
Well, users will be able to explore their surroundings by shaking or tilting their head, or just by spinning around. This is an interesting new feature that will definitely attract a lot of customers.

To be added that the new Samsung Gear VR also has some competitors on the market, like Oculus Rift, which is probably the most successful device that is currently available in sale, or HTC Vive, which must be wired to a PC.

Without a doubt, 2016 will be an interesting year for the VR devices, because HTC Vive will probably be updated and PlayStation VR is coming in force.

All these VR models are offering a powerful illusion and with the updates that are waiting to come, we will have an interesting variety of models.

At the moment, the new Samsung Gear VR is probably the best VR experience that customers could have, but only when it comes to Samsung users.

Most of the action in apps and games are controlled from the touchpad situated on the right side of the VR. However, there is a little flat nub positioned in the center and a back button that sits on the touchpad.
If this device will convince customers or not is something unclear for now. However, it seems that people are quite interested in this new product, being revealed that both Amazon and Best Buy are out of supply of the virtual reality accessory.

This means that users who plan on buying it will most likely only see messages such as "temporarily out of stock" and "sold out online." The device went on sale only a day ago.

However, Samsung has not revealed now many devices it plans on selling at this point. Still, the company seemed happy to see that people are interested in the Gear VR and promised to try to meet the demand on the market.

We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response Gear VR has received from reviewers and eager buyers alike. We are working hard to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible," a Samsung rep stated.  
The new Samsung Gear VR Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 11:49 AM Rating: 5
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