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Tim Cook Makes a Prediction on the Future of Money

Tim Cook seems to have quite a revolutionary and interesting idea on the way money will exist in the future.

The famous CEO of Apple is known to make many predictions, some being more prone to be confirmed than others. One of the predictions that Cook had made in the past includes the fact that the famous CEO actually believed that this would be the year of the Apple Pay.

Well, this claim has not turned out to be true after all, even though the Apple Pay seems to enjoy quite a great success at the moment.

Tim Cook Future of Money
Now, Tim Cook seems to believe that physical money will actually completely disappear in the coming years. Cook made this comment in front of students at Trinity College Dublin. The popular CEO made a visit to the UK to promote Apple's mobile wallet.

So, while answering questions from students, Cook said that their future children will actually no longer know what cash means.
Your kids will not know what money is, the CEO said. 
 Cook made this comment in the context in which physical money tend to be less used by people in the UK, as well as by people in many other countries around the world.

Apparently, it is more comfortable for customers to use other payment options, including mobile payments, as well as electronic payments using their credit cards.

Since money is transferred electronically when salaries are paid, while customers can make purchases almost everywhere using their credit cards, withdrawing money from the ATM no longer seems to be needed.

Probably, due to this conception, Apple is interested in focusing more efforts into the development of the Apple Pay.

Actually, analysts seem to believe that the popular company will play a role on that respect. However, it is not expected for the Apple Pay to dramatically speed up the trend in which people reduce the usage of physical currency, even though this seems to be a natural evolution at the moment.

Meanwhile, Apple seems to be working quite hard to release impressive new technology and push new trends.

Recently, the famous company has released its iPad Pro, the world's first 12.9 inch tablet. The impressive device is expected to somehow change the way tablets are seen nowadays. This tablet is actually considered to be a laptop alternative due to the impressive screen, although it is yet to see if customers will use and consider it this way.

The use and success of tablets has declined in the past few years. All tablet makers are expected to bring new, viable solutions to make tablets successful once again and conquer the market.

What would make customers buy a tablet or replace their laptop with such a device remains uncertain.

Maybe, a few months after the release of the new iPad this question will be easier to answer. For now, it is yet to see how customers will receive this device and what other tablet manufacturers will introduce on the market.
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