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Windows 10 to become the Most Popular Windows Version?

So far, Windows 10 has been a success for Microsoft. And the famous company might be getting much more than that.

According to a new report, Windows 10 will actually become the biggest selling Windows version ever released.

The report published by Gartner said that Windows 10 has huge chances of becoming the most used version of Windows in the world. This means that the greatest majority of computers are expected to run this latest operating system in the following period.

The other two Windows versions that have held the title of the most widely installed version of Windows are Windows 7 and naturally, Windows XP.

The same report indicated that enterprises will quickly adopt Windows 10, more rapidly than what they did when it comes to Windows 7, which was released about six years ago.

Gartner said that about half of the enterprises which are using Windows 7 are most likely going to upgrade to Windows 10 at the beginning of 2017.

According to the report, the compatibility between Windows 10 and Windows 7 programs, as well as the Continuum interface of the new operating system version, will determine companies to easier upgrade. Gartner also explained enterprises interest in moving to Windows 10 fast through the fact that the experience of migrating to another operating system is never simple.

And Microsoft has made it quite clear that the Windows 7 will be discontinued in 2020. This means that companies will have to move to Windows 10 in a few years, even if they don't want to do that now. Consequently, transitioning to Windows 10 is easier and seems to be the most obvious choice for everyone.

Windows 10 was released on the market following the failure registered by Windows 8. With Windows 8, Microsoft tried to give a new look to its operating system, but it seems that people did not appreciate it.

Windows 8 was mostly criticized for its lack of a start button, departing from earlier designs and versions. Windows 10 tried to solve that and kept some key elements that made Windows user-friendly. However, they were improved and refined.

Well, if this prognosis will turn out being true, Microsoft can definitely say that it has achieved its purpose. The famous company has been putting a lot of hopes in Windows 10 and in its success. Well, until this report will be confirmed by the evolution of the market, Microsoft seems to be dealing with some issues.

The famous company has decided to remove its most recent update to Windows 10, although it was released only earlier this month.

Reportedly, the company took this decision due to the presence of various bugs. One of these bugs is said to make Windows 10 delete apps without asking the user.

Microsoft is believed to have received some complaints from users, indicating that Windows 10 has even deleted some apps that crash their system. For now, the famous company has not issued an official statement on the presence of such a bug.
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