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A new speaker called Raumfeld One S

During these last couple of years, Sonos was without a doubt the leader in whole-home music streaming industry. But, during this period of time, many brands have also made their entrance on this market, and they have released some interesting speakers.

Unfortunately, a high number of these bands have not lasted enough, due to their numerous competitors. But, some brands have managed to stay on the market and now they are considered some of the best brands on the speaker market.

Raumfeld One S
Some of these brands are Bose, Denon and Yamaha, and they have released some interesting speakers. For example, Yamaha’s MusicCast, Denon’s HEOS and Bose’s SoundTouch are some of the most bought speakers at the moment.

However, these days, a new brand has made its appearance on this market and this is Raumfeld. This company is not anonymous because Raumfeld is known as a company that has some of the priciest speakers on the market. But, now, they have come with a budget speaker called One S.

This new speaker is available at the price of 249 dollars and comes with a robust design and an amazing sound quality.

Compared with other speakers, like Sonos Play:1 and Denon HEOS 1, the new Raumfeld One S is doing actually well. Moreover, we must add that this speaker is the only one that supports higher-than-CD-quality music, which is a good thing.

As for design, the new Raumfeld One S is one of the best good-looking speakers on the market. Customers have the opportunity to choose between white or black color, but to be added that in either case the speaker comes with a black cloth grill.

Probably, the white version is much more appealing, because it is composed by two-tone color scheme. Moreover, customers will probably be attracted by its moisture-resistant design, because it means that the speaker can be used in bathrooms or kitchens. This is an interesting feature, because not so many speakers have this possibility.

How is this possible? 

Well, it looks like Raumfeld has managed to make a speaker that is moisture-resistant. Moreover, this speaker has a rubber stopper that will block the ports underneath and turn the device into a humidity-proof.

On the top of the speaker, customers will also find rubberized buttons, which can be used for customizable shortcuts or volume. Another interesting fact about this speaker is that it can run either over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, it cannot run via Bluetooth.

However, this speaker is designed to be used in not so friendly environments, like a pool, which is a good thing. But this speaker, also has some down sides, like the battery life, which is not that good, compared with Denon HEOS 1.

To be added that Raumfeld One S can also be controlled with an app, which works on Android devices, iPad and iPhone.

The app is also considered one of the easiest to use apps on the market. Originally, this app was designed for tablets, featuring an attractive three-panel layout.

Moreover, users can also add music from the phone, with services like Tidal, Spotify Connect and TuneIn.
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