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Android Users turn to iPhone 6S

Apple is without a doubt one of the most appreciated companies in the world. The tech giant is definitely enjoying a spectacular level of success. People just seem to love the iPhone and the reality is that Apple's device has become popular among Android users, as well.

It has just been revealed that Apple has managed to conquer quite an important number of customers who previously used to be Android users. CEO Tim Cook revealed during the latest Apple earnings call that Android customers actually accounted for 30 percent of iPhone sales. Without a doubt, this is a great success for Apple.

Furthermore, Tim Cook's claims seem to have already been confirmed. The Consumer Intelligence Research Partner stated that the figures were correct. So, data released by them backed these results and revealed that Android users really turned to iOS this time. The study revealed a turning rate of 26 percent of the recent sales of the iPhone 6S.

Well, it is important to mention that the turning rate from Android to iOS has not started to grow only now. Actually, this has been a trend for quite some time. Buyers who abandoned the Android platform turned to the iPhone starting with the iPhone 5S, when 23 percent worth of switch platforms was registered.

The iPhone 6 wasn't that convincing on this respect, so the turning rate related to this smart device was of only 12 percent.

Analysts claimed that most likely the trend of switching from Android to iOS will continue to increase in the long term. Of course, this is only great news for Apple, which was naturally willing to increase the popularity of the device. The turning rate to iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is also expected to increase, until the release of the upcoming iPhone 7.

The trend could indicate that people have become more willing to pay more money, but to get a stylish, functional and overall a flagship device. This is amazing news for Apple, but maybe not that great news for Android smartphone makers. Among which Samsung.

Samsung is without a doubt the most important rival that Apple has on the smartphone market. Samsung has some amazing devices available in sale. However, while Apple has put more technology into its devices, which also increased prices, Samsung decided to cut the costs of its devices, to make them affordable for a larger category of customers.

However, the result wasn't the one that Samsung expected, indicating that customers are searching for the highest quality at the moment. So, if users start looking for high-end devices, regardless of cost, Android phones might have to suffer.

Of course, Samsung is not the only Android smartphone marker. The trend could affect numerous companies, but it could also affect the value of the Android platform for Google. Naturally, this also means decreased revenue for Google. Consequently, the Android market has to react to this latest tend and find a solution to keep customers engaged with its devices.
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