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Apple Rumors: The Apple Watch 2 to be Released in March

The Apple Watch had definitely become a successful product for Apple. The famous company has managed to make an important presence on the smartwatch market, although this market is populated with an impressive variety of models, at all costs and features.

Apple has shown great interest in making this device successful and some analysts have claimed that the popular company plans on making the Apple Watch its second revenue driver, after the iPhone.

Many times analysts have claimed that with the decline of the sales of the iPad, Apple needs a second device on the market to sustain revenue growth. It definitely appears more and more that this device is the Apple Watch.

Now, rumors indicate that Apple is not wasting any time and the famous company plans on unveiling the Apple Watch 2 in March 2016.

Some sources who talked to 9To5 claimed that Apple will unveil the second generation smartwatch at an event that is scheduled to take place in March. This would mean that the Apple Watch 2 will begin shipping in April. Naturally, at this point it remains unclear what new features the device will have.

However, some sources have claimed that the company has been working for months to improve camera, wireless, sleep tracking, as well as health sensor.

Apple is definitely expected to resolve the issues that customers have been complaining about in the past year. The company has various times claimed that it listened to user's demand is and planning on keeping everything under consideration.

Some analysts have claimed that Apple will take advantage of the event that is set to be held in March to also unveil a 4-inch display iPhone that is said to come with an A9 processor, as well as Apple Pay. This will not be the much talked about iPhone 7, but it is expected to be called the iPhone 6C and this device is said to come with curved edges.

With the release of this type of product, Apple might be willing to satisfy some customer's desires in terms of look and performance. However, it not characteristic for Apple to release iPhones in the first quarter of the year. Commonly, the famous company introduces such new devices in September.

Well, if the news will finally be confirmed, this would actually be the second March in which Apple announces new products. This year, it revealed the final details of the Apple Watch, as well as a golden 12-inch MacBook.

Of course, if the rumors will be confirmed or not remains unclear and will most likely only be confirmed when the official release will be made, as Apple never talks about its future plans or such rumors.

Meanwhile, Apple has just released a software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The update, iOS 9.2, also comes with some additions and improvements when it comes to two Apple services, the Apple Music and the Apple News. Apple claimed that it also features some bug fixes, so users might be quite interested in this update.
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