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Apple Updates the News App

Apple has been having quite some busy months. The famous company has constantly searched for ways to enhance the usability of the services it offers to users and the tech giant has also made some new releases. Now, it seems that Apple has focused a bit its attention on the News app. The popular company updated its app with the purpose to make it look more like a newspaper.

Without a doubt, customers nowadays are interested in getting the information they need as fast and simple as possible. Searching the web to find the most important news is not really an option for people who have very busy schedules and want to be up to date with everything. Well, apps such as the News app could turn out to be a great solution in this sense.

So, Apple seems to be interested in making its personalized newsreader more interesting to users. Furthermore, Apple also needs to make this service more appealing to publishers. The update that the tech giant has rolled out already started to be available. It actually is visible to all users. When it comes to publishers, Apple has in fact rolled out a change that concerns only this category of Apple News stakeholders.

Apple stated that it will allow integration with ComStore with the main purpose to allow publishers to get advertising created for views. Publishers allow Apple to run their content and now it seems that the famous company has found at least one way to make them happier.

In fact, Apple might have also made this choice now with the purpose to reduce the number of complaints that publishers have made when it comes to the way the Apple News functions. So, the fact that Apple hasn't set the ComScore until now has been a main thing that publishers have demanded.

Furthermore, the Apple News app has not managed to obtain too much success until now. This means that the app's performance has been below what expected, as well as the audience numbers generated until this moment.

Well, the fact that Apple has brought a new update might mean that the famous company is focusing on making its app more successful. The app is without a doubt work in progress for the famous company and it is expected to further develop. Furthermore, it is believed that publishers will continue to work with Apple, as the terms of the deal they are having are quite good.

Publishers are allowed to keep 100 percent of the advertising revenue that their content generated. And that is not all. Apple also promised to give publishers no less than 70 percent of revenue for ads it sells on its own.

So, overall the new update to Apple News makes it more attractive to both users and publishes. News will include lists of top stores that have been curated by Apple editors. The update comes as Apple has released a software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software update also fixes some bugs and brings improvements to Apple Music.
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