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Apple Watch to reach $12 million Sales by the end of the Year

The Apple Watch turned out to be a successful product for the popular tech company. The device may not come with some spectacular features compared with other smartwatches on the market, but it seems that customers really likes it.

Now, it has been revealed that the Apple Watch has actually been the most sought device on the market on Black Friday.

Having this under consideration, analyst Daniel Ives told Apple Insider that the Apple Watch will most likely reach $12 million in sales by the end of the year.

If this prognosis will turn out being true, Apple will actually double its previous estimate of $6 million. Ives also claimed that the Apple Watch will become an important device for the company in the coming period, making Apple a dominant player on the wearables market.
Apple Watch Sales record

The great sales were surely also influenced by the great offers that were available on Black Friday when it comes to the Apple Watch. Customers could find some Apple Watch models at around 50% off, which is surely an amazingly low price for this product.

Currently, Apple's revenues are triggered by the iPhone, but the Watch has great chances of becoming the second most sold Apple product. Now that the tablet market has experienced a decrease when it comes to sales, which definitely also affected the sales of the iPad, Apple needs another successful product to drive revenues and the Apple Watch might be it.

Ives actually said in a note sent to investors that the wearable devices market will be a $20 billion plus market opportunity for Apple and the famous company will surely manage to stand up to the challenge.
The longer-term consumer adoption curve for the Apple Watch remains a major ‘hot button’ question among tech investors, as broad customer demand is yet to be seen, and as Apple enters a major ‘prove me’ period during the holiday season," a note said. 
Apple Watch New Models 2015

The Apple Watch was released back in April and although the tech giant has not confirmed yet the exact number of units sold, the company is believed to have been able to make an important presence on the wearable market.

This is the first wearable watch released by Apple and the famous company is expected to come with many new features in a soon to be released update to the device.

Either way, Apple is expected to become the first choice of customers when it comes to wearables. An IBM Watson Trend report also indicated that the Watch is topping customer shopping lists when it comes to tech devices for this Christmas.

Furthermore, a recent study indicated that numerous customers are unhappy with the lack of more features on the Apple Watch, but half of them claimed that they will buy the next generation model of the device.

Well, it surely is very interesting to receive the company's official records on the sales and find out exactly how successful its device has been.
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