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BlackBerry Refuses to Ditch Privacy

BlackBerry is not willing to make any compromises. The famous company announced that it decided to eave Pakistan, as it refused to ditch user privacy. So, BlackBerry actually showed opposition against demands for access to its services. The famous company's gesture is without a doubt one that deserves appreciation.

So, BlackBerry announced in an official statement that it will shut down its operations in Pakistan at the end of the year. The popular company revealed that it received demands from the Telecommunication Authority to allow access to user data, which BlackBerry qualifies as a massive invasion of user privacy.

The popular company also revealed that it will not comply with the order, saying that it will stop operating in this country on December 30.

BlackBerry claimed that among the information that Pakistani authorities demanded was access to encrypted emails and BBM messages sent and received in the country. BlackBerry stated that it would not allow so-called "backdoor" access to its customers' information around the world.

The tech giant also stated that the request from the country's authorities were not linked to a particular security concern on a criminal activity, but authorities sought overall access.

"Pakistan's demand was not a question of public safety; we are more than happy to assist law enforcement agencies in investigations of criminal activity" BlackBerry's chief operating officer, Marty Beard stated. 

Rather, Pakistan was essentially demanding unfettered access to all of our BES customers' information.

As imagined, this is not the first time that BlackBerry has received such a request. The government of India has also asked the famous company for access to its servers for "lawful interception." The Indian state made a similar request for real-time access to traffic and it also asked BlackBerry to set up its servers in the country. BlackBerry negotiated with India at that time, but finally agreed to set up its servers there.

Commonly, governments and authorities can ask tech companies to find certain security threats or stop crime. However, in some cases tech giants seem to believe that the government can go too far. This might be the case here. And BlackBerry claimed that allowing this access would compromise its customer information to the extent that it leaves the company no choice, but to leave Pakistan.

BlackBerry's decision can be seen as quite radical by many. This is the first time when a company decides to leave after being asked to comply or close its operations in a particular country. The subject is extremely sensitive and much debated at the moment. How should companies react to such governmental requests is also debated.

The debate has extended to numerous countries throughout the world, including the Unites States or the United Kingdom. Governments can ask companies to give up encryption in the name of national security and big tech companies such as Apple, Facebook or even Google will have to comply. Does this mean that they will have to sacrifice user privacy?
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