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Facebook closes Creative Labs

Facebook is well-known for its multiple attempts to improve its services and to offer a good surfing experience to its users. Approximately two years ago, Facebook has opened an internal division called Creative Labs. Here, Facebook employees had the chance to design innovative and unusual mobile software.

This has been a good initiative, especially for those who wanted to create something unique and innovative. Furthermore, numerous Facebook employees seemed to appreciate the Creative Labs possibility that the social network had put at their disposal.

So, many interesting startups have been created here, including Slingshot. This is a photo-sharing app that started to compete with giants such as Snapchat. Other interesting apps are Rooms, which is known as a group messaging service, and Riff, a collaborative video app.

Well, unfortunately, all these apps will disappear because Facebook has decided to close down its Creative Labs. So, all these three apps were removed from the app store, including the Web page for Creative Labs. To be added that a Facebook spokeswoman confirmed that the apps were removed, adding that they had not been updated for quite some time.

"Since their launches, we've incorporated elements of Slingshot, Riff and Rooms into the Facebook for iOS and Android apps," she also declared.

Why did they remove these apps and decided to shut down Creative Labs? Well, this is a question that has no official answer for now. However, the most obvious explanation would be that these apps didn’t have the success that the famous company has been waiting for.

Still, even if these three apps didn’t showed a lot of promise, other apps like Paper or Moments had showed a significant growth in the past few weeks. Probably, this growth when it comes to the interest given to them on the market was thanks to the heavier promotion in the Facebook Messenger application and on the Facebook site.

Moments is an interesting app that is made for photo-sharing, but it can also produce video made up of user’s photos. However, this app is more like a private sharing app between small groups or selective individuals.

Probably, the problem with Facebook’s Creative Labs apps is that there are plenty of newly released apps every day on the app store, and it is hard to find an audience without promoting them through heavy media attention, advertisements or marketing efforts.

Closing Creative Labs is like a turning point for Facebook, which is now focusing more on drones to beam Internet signals and virtual-reality goggles. Facebook is always in search of development possibilities and the famous social network is without a doubt seeking for ways to grow its business and add something new to its services to keep users engaged.

Facebook is trying to keep users engaged to the social network as much as possible by always adding new features to it. However, sometimes the things that the company offers to users do not turn out to be as successful as expected, so Facebook has to make some changes.
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