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Facebook Launches Live Streaming Video Service

Facebook seems to be quite interested in bringing new functionalities for its users. The popular tech giant revealed that it would be rolling out a new feature that will actually allow users to stream live video.

Naturally, this is an interesting new development that many users will appreciate.
The new service has been in tests for quite some time now.

This means that a select group of high profile users, as well as celebrities, have been able to use this service for some months. The fact that Facebook has turned its attention towards this is not shocking at all. In fact, live streaming via mobile phones has become a must have this year.

One again, Facebook has decided to look at the trends and bring something to this segment of the market. The tech giant seemed to have decided to make the feature first available to iPhone users. This is not something new, as the famous social network has various times showed interest in making new features available first to users who own an iPhone.
Facebook  New Streaming Service vs Twitter Periscope Streaming Service

So, the live video feature will be available for now to a limited number of iPhone users in the United States. However, the plan is for Facebook to make the feature available to all users.

 It remains unknown how the popular company will do so and which platform or country will follow. Furthermore, Facebook has not provided specific timescales for its project.
Live lets you show the people you care about what you're seeing in real time - whether visiting a new place, cooking your favourite recipe or just want to share some thoughts," Facebook stated in an official post that introduced the new service.
Facebook has no less than 1.5 billion users who might be interested in accessing the new feature once it will become widely available.

Furthermore, with the decision to launch this live video option, Facebook has taken another step in the battle against Twitter. So, it is safe to say that Facebook is not the first company which has thought of this possibility. In fact, Twitter has introduced a live video application called Periscope, earlier this year.

This service has become quite popular throughout the months. Meerkat is another popular app that functions in a similar way, so it seems that there is a lot of customer interest on this matter.

It also is important to mention that this is not the first time when Facebook has shown no holding back in introducing features that have previously been presented by its competitors, to make sure that customers will remain engaged to the famous social media site.

Facebook has for instance introduced the famous hashtag symbol, which was first used by Twitter. Of course, the company has not only found inspiration at Twitter, but it also released a feature that was first introduced by Google on its Plus social network, the Collage.

Well, it is yet to see when the live video streaming service will become widely accessible to Facebook users and how they will receive it.
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