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Garmin vívosmart HR First impression: it looks great!

Customers probably become very selective when it comes to fitness trackers. They are searching the exact designs that are suitable for their outfits, the features that are useful for their needs and the app that should be the most user-friendly.

During the years, Garmin has released some amazing fitness trackers. These devices had some of the best features and helped users to track their steps, showed how many calories they burned and also had a heart rate sensor. However, these days, Garmin has released a new fitness tracker, called Garmin vívosmart HR. This new device has a good-looking design and has a large variety of features.

The new Garmin vívosmart HR is available at the price of 149.99 dollars, which is an affordable price, considering what it has to offer. For starters, this devices is half fitness tracker and half smartwatch. So, as a fitness tracker, Garmin vívosmart HR has anything that it needs starting with measuring daily activities, like floors, steps and climbing, and ending as a heart rate monitor.

However, this device also automatically tracks sleep at night, which is a feature that approximately all customers are willing to have. Having all these features, Garmin vívosmart HR can be compared with the famous Fitbit Charge HR, which is one of the most successful fitness trackers on the market.

But, the new Garmin vívosmart HR doesn’t stop here, because it can also be considered a smartwatch. How? Well, this fitness tracker has the ability to display phone notifications, from both iPhone and Android devices. Moreover, this handset is waterproof, meaning that users can wear the fitness tracker during swimming or when they take a shower.

As for design, Garmin vívosmart HR is a little bit bulky compared with other fitness trackers, for example Jawbone Up 3. Another minus is the app, which is not as easy as it should be and it is not refined. These things matter, especially for customers who are very picky when it comes to this.

Garmin vívosmart HR looks a little bit like Fitbit Charge HR, which is most likely a good thing. So, the new Garmin vívosmart HR comes with the same kind of wraparound band and a standard watch buckle class, just like Fitbit Charge HR. So, having a wraparound band is a good thing, because it offers a more secure feeling to not fall off the user's wrist.

Garmin vívosmart HR also comes with a large always-on touchscreen display and users will be able to read outdoors. Moreover, it also has a backlight and it will display notifications for text messages, calendar events, emails and social media alerts. So, basically, Garmin vívosmart HR will notify approximately everything that a phone does.

Another interesting thing is that users will be able to control music playback right from their fitness tracker. They will be able to pause, play, skip ahead or go back, which will be more comfortable for them, especially during workouts. There is also a weather widget on the fitness tracker.
Garmin vívosmart HR First impression: it looks great! Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:00 PM Rating: 5
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