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How Google Self-Driving Car would talk to Pedestrians

Google is in continuous search for ways to make its self-driving car more safe and functional. Now, it seems that the tech giant has also figured out the way in which its cars will talk to pedestrians.

The popular company revealed that the self-driving car may wave a robotic arm at pedestrians with the purpose to keep them from crossing the street. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting development.

Well, Google has been testing its car for quite some time. The smart vehicle is on the roads and has already driven over one million miles. The car aims to test all possible situations to find the perfect answer for them on the road. Until now, it has been involved in a number of accidents, but Google stated that none occurred out of the company's fault.

Throughout the months a series of questions emerged on the way this vehicle is going to function. One of these questions was how the car should respond when it is pulled over by police officers. This question emerged after the Google self-driving car was pulled over for driving too slow.

Well, another question is how the vehicle will be able to communicate with pedestrians or other drivers and transmit complex actions. This question has not been fully answered for now, but a recently obtained patent by the famous company might provide some information on that respect. The patent was published on November 24.

The application was initially filed by the famous company back in September 2012. The patent application talked about a system in which self-driving cars could display messages to pedestrians, for instance at crosswalks.

The way these signals would be displayed varies from electronic signs, to lights, but also audio notifications, as well as a robotic hand that could potentially provide some waving gestures.

The patent application actually describes all signals and what they might feature. Various concepts are presented, including pedestrian symbols, as well as stop signs. Well, the fact is that regardless of what the popular company will finally implement, what is certain is that Google is thinking of ways to communicate with pedestrians when it comes to its self-driving car.

Of course, this would be an interesting addition to the vehicle and it might even help Google to make people trust more its vehicle. The patent was granted to the famous company.

"However, other than signaling devices typical to non-autonomous vehicles, such as turn signals, head lights, high beams, brake lights, reverse lights, and some audible signals (horns, reverse light beepers, etc.), autonomous vehicles lack the capability to directly communicate the vehicle’s future behavior," the patent application document indicated. 

"Simply stopping a vehicle without these driver-initiated signals may not be sufficiently reassuring to the pedestrian that it is indeed safe to cross," it added.

Google is not the only company interested in self-driving car. Other companies, such as Tesla, Volvo and even Mercedes-Benz announced their intentions to work on such vehicles, too. After all, it really seems that self-driving cars are the cars of the future.
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