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The new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook

The newly released HP Star Wars special edition notebook could be the perfect device for Star Wars fans. These days, Star Wars hype is everywhere and probably fans have a lot of coffee mugs or clothing items with the inscription of Star Wars, but they most likely don't have a Star Wars laptop.

So, HP came to their help, releasing the new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook. This new laptop will definitely be a huge hit on the market, especially these days.

Before being an attractive hardware laptop, this device will definitely attract by the way it looks. The new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is a piece that will not have to miss from a Star Wars fan's collection.

HP Star Wars  Notebook  - Star Wards Fan's collection
So, the new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook has its entire body covered in images of Darth Vader and other well-known characters from the movie. Under these amazing images, this device is a midlevel 15-inch laptop that is perfect for multimedia usage.

This means that fans have to know that the new HP laptop is not made for gaming or other programs that will force its hardware composition.

The new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is not carved from aluminum and it doesn’t have a 4K display, but it is an attractive piece that should go into a Star Wars collection. The new laptop is available at the price of 699 dollars, which is a fairly affordable price.
HP Star Wars Notebook Join the Dark Forces

At the price of 699 dollars, clients will receive a current-gen Intel Core i5 CPU, accompanied by 6GB of RAM, plus 1TB mechanical hard drive. Moreover, customers could also enjoy the backlit keyboard, a faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a DVD drive and many other features.

To be added that besides the amazing Star Wars graphics covering, this laptop also has a large collection of digital extras for fans, including galleries of Star Wars art, Windows background images, amazing system sounds, trailers, behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards and a digital version of the 1977 first issue of Marvel Comics “Star Wars” adaption.

Probably, customers would have wanted to see a higher-end HP laptop, built from premium material and more powerful graphics. However, the new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is a good laptop, which features a red backlit keyboard, incredible design elements and many other attractive things.

Most likely, if the company would have made a higher-end laptop and premium materials, this laptop would not cost only 700 dollars.

To be added that the backlit keyboard is a huge attraction on this laptop, because its red light makes its design look more beautiful. Moreover, the touchpad is another important piece of the design, because it is imprinted with an X-Wings’s targeting computer view of the Death Star trench.

Besides this incredible paint job, HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook also comes with a huge collection of preinstalled Star Wars digital content. So, there is a Star Wars Command Center app, which will allow users to have access to background images and photo galleries, plus a collection of system sounds.
The new HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook Reviewed by John Colston on 4:35 PM Rating: 5
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