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Logitech Harmony Elite: The New Universal Remote Control

When it comes to universal remote controls, Logitech is one of the best companies out there. These days they have released the new Logitech Harmony Elite.

The Harmony line is probably the most recommended to customers who are looking for a universal remote control to make their home entertainment center easier to use.

It’s not very comfortable to have more than two controls in a room, but with the new Logitech Harmony Elite this problem will be fixed. This remote control can control approximately everything that is electronic in the room.

The previous remote control from Logitech was considered the best piece that this company has ever released. But, if customers are willing to pay more money, they can opt for the new Logitech Harmony Elite. This new clicker comes with an extra touchscreen, it can control up to 15 devices and it has fully-backlit keys.
Logitech Harmony Elite Series -  Remote Control - Smart Home

The package the customers will receive also includes a hub among the gear. With this hub, users will be able to control approximately all of their home entertainment devices and many other smart-home devices. So, with a single remote, they can control almost all that can be electronic into their home, which is surely something that customers would appreciate.

The new Logitech Harmony Elite is available at the price of 349 dollars. Yes, the price seems to be the only major downside that this clicker can have. At this price, customers will probably search for a cheaper remote control, including the previous model that Logitech has released.

So, the big question that probably everyone will ask is if the touchscreen feature is worth the extra money?

The previous Home Control model does not have the touchscreen feature and costs half the price. However, this depends on how much the customer is willing to pay and what he actually wants from a universal remote control.

Having a touchscreen feature on the clicker is very useful, especially because it offers easy access to more activities. Some of the main activities that this clicker offers are “Play PlayStation 4,” or “Watch TV.”

Once one of these activities have been selected, all the devices that includes this activity will be turned on: for example for “Watch TV” will be turned the TV, cable box and AV receiver.

Another interesting feature that this remote control has to offer is the “favorites.” With this feature, while the activity “Watch TV” is turned on, users will be able to designate a number of TV channels as favorites.

So, favorites will appear under network icons on the remote screen for direct access. 
The same feature is also met on Roku channels, where the screen provides direct access to Amazon Instant, Netflix and other famous apps. So, this is a huge plus for the new Logitech Harmony Elite.

To be added that the previous model, the Home Control remote, didn’t have easily access to every command. It is also worth mentioning that Logitech Harmony Elite also has an app for Android phones, iPhone and iPad, where users will have the same advanced functions as on the touchscreen feature.
Logitech Harmony Elite: The New Universal Remote Control Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:00 PM Rating: 5
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