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Mark Zuckerberg to Testify in Oculus purchase Case

Things are not looking too good for the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Mark has recently been under the spotlight for his and his wife's decision of donating 99 percent of their Facebook shares to charity throughout their lifetime. This official announcement has raised some questions and has drawn scrutiny on the way philanthropy functions.

Without a doubt, this wasn't the effect that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to see on the market. The famous CEO of Facebook was actually criticized for not creating a foundation to handle the charity work, but creating a company that would be in charge of handling the money. Mark claimed that he took this decision, as this way he and his wife would be able to generate a more positive impact.

Well, some claimed that he did so for a type of tax benefit.

Well, now it seems that despite what Mark has believed, he will be required to testify in an intellectual property dispute. The case is actually a legal fight between Oculus and ZeniMax Media. The lawsuit was filed by ZeniMax against Oculus, back in May 2014. The company was accused of exploiting commercially intellectual property that was shared due to a non-disclosure agreement with Oculus.

It appeared that Mark wanted to stay away from the legal battle between the two companies. Facebook had filed an official request to ask the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas division, to leave its CEO out of the case. It has claimed that the plaintiff asked for Mark to be deposed on the case even before taking any other testimonies. The purpose of the deposition would be to find out what happened before the case goes to trial.

"This is clearly improper under the apex doctrine, which requires a party to demonstrate that a high-ranking corporate executive has unique, relevant personal knowledge before attempting to take their deposition," Facebook said in its court filing.

Previously, the company claimed that Mark had "nothing whatsoever to do with the technology that is the heart of Plaintiffs’ complaint—because he had no relationship with Oculus (nor, for that matter, Plaintiffs) during the development of that technology."

Without a doubt, it seems that the popular CEO has not managed to escape this, being ordered to testify over the purchase of Oculus. This means that the court agreed with the fact that Mark might possess "unique knowledge" linked to the decision to purchase this company.

ZeniMax claimed that the CEO of Facebook actually tested personally prototypes of the Rift virtual reality headset, which was based on misappropriated ZeniMax technology, the company said. According to them, this occurred before Facebook made the decision to buy Oculus.

Facebook officially announced that it decided to buy Oculus for no less than $2 billion back in March 2014. ZeniMax's technical director and other employees worked with Oculus in a partnership aimed to transform and improve the Rift. ZeniMax claimed that despite its work, it received no compensation.

Oculus, on the other hand, claimed that ZeniMax did not contribute to any of the company's technology.
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