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Rumors Emerge on the Upcoming Apple TV

The Apple TV is without a doubt a very interesting device for numerous customers. Apple fans have waited for years for the tech giant to update this product and the latest Apple TV was launched on the market back in October.

The device came with some new improvements, but it seems that now rumors indicate that Apple plans to release a new model soon.

So, some sources who talked to DigiTimes indicated that Apple has already started to work at a new Apple TV. The company's focus on this product is triggered by the great interest that exists on the market at the moment. So, insiders claimed that the popular iPhone maker is actually testing a prototype of its next generation Apple TV.
Apple Tv New Model comming in 2016

The source revealed that Apple is willing to release the new product as fast as possible in 2016. Apparently, the upcoming Apple TV will come with a much better processor, but also with some new features that will make the device "dramatically faster".

Of course, fans will definitely be pleased to discover a better processor on the Apple TV.

Apple is planning to adopt a new CPU for the fifth-generation Apple TV to dramatically improve the device's hardware performance and will add new functions to help it no longer serve only as a set-top box," it has been reported. 

However, it has not been revealed if these improvements will also mean that the Apple TV that is set to be out in the coming period will also come with superior gaming compatibility.

With the current generation device, fans were pleased to discover on the Apple TV both games and apps. This means that putting more focus into superior gaming compatibility would definitely be something that fans would enjoy.

The Apple TV is also expected to come with a streaming channel. Maybe, the release of a steaming channel along with the device would actually mean an increase in the cost of the Apple TV. And maybe this would also draw more interest from the public.

When will Apple release this new generation Apple TV? 

The rumors indicated that Apple plans on launching the device as fast as possible, but most likely the release will come during next year's fall.

This means that this report is just a hint on what Apple could be preparing for its fans. Furthermore, some analysts seem to not be that optimistic on the famous company's intentions of releasing a new Apple TV.

Experience with this device has revealed that Apple has several times pushed back the release of the Apple TV. The current generation device, for instance, was supposed to be released in June 2015, but it only hit the market in October 2015.

The Apple TV currently is enjoying success on the market. The device is quite popular, as it is not that expensive and comes with a series of functionalities. How much effort is Apple willing to put into this product to enhance its success is something yet to be found out.
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