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Samsung Agrees to Pay Apple $548 Million

A new development has just been made in the patent infringement battle between Apple and Samsung.

The issue between the two tech giants started when Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, accusing the famous company of violating the patent if its famous devices.

Well, it seems that Samsung and Apple have agreed on a sum of money that Samsung would be paying in damages.

Both companies filed a joint statement with the US District Court for the Northern District of California stating that Samsung agreed to pay $548 million for patent violations. This sum is without a doubt much lower than what Apple initially sought.
Samsung vs Apple -  Patent Violations Battle

The famous company initially sought to obtain $2.75 billion in damages from Samsung. And the most interesting fact about this case that has been ongoing for years is that Apple was initially awarded $1 billion back in 2012, which Samsung of course did not agree with.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung seems interminable and even though a sum has been agreed upon, the case might not be over. Samsung filed a statement with the court, saying that the famous company reserves itself the right to be reimbursed for part or all of the sum that it was now paying to Apple.

Samsung claimed that Apple may hold the money for the moment, but maybe the tech giant will have to return them.

Samsung might be thinking that the patents that Apple holds might be deemed invalid or maybe Samsung will win on an appeal, which might mean that Apple will have to return the money. Apple did not agree with this demand made by Samsung.

The legal battle between Apple and Samsung started back in 2011. Throughout the years, the two companies have accused each other of violating each other's patents. The main dispute has been focused around the most popular devices that the two companies own, naturally the iPhone line and the Samsung Galaxy line.

The first decision on this legal battle was issued in 2012 and it definitely wasn't good news for Samsung. The popular company was ordered to pay $1 billion to Apple. As imagined, Samsung appealed the case and the damages were not paid.

The latest development of the case indicates that Samsung might be willing to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. And most likely this is the next step that the tech giant will make. Samsung is supported by a series of other famous companies in doing so.

For instance, Google, Facebook and eBay, have claimed that an Apple victory on this case might mean that a series of similar patent lawsuits might be filed, meaning that the whole tech world would be impacted, as well as the development of "useful modern technologies." 

They also claimed that this would have a "devastating impact on companies." 

However, Samsung might not be hoping to win the case after a Supreme Court appeal. Actually, Samsung challenged the validity of the patent in the first place, saying that the technology was not "patentable."

Some previous decisions deemed the patent invalid, but Apple filed an appeal and the case is yet to be finalized.
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