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A new smartwatch called Fossil Q Founder

Fossil has hit the market with a new device, releasing the new Q Founder. Fossil is known as one of the biggest brands when it comes to traditional watches. Probably, many customers owned a Fossil watch or actually wear it right now.

But, after the smartwatches have entered the market and companies like Apple, Samsung or Motorola has started to dominate the modern watch market, Fossil has decided to enter this battle.

It is not a surprise that Fossil has entered the smartwatch market, because many other famous brands have done the same, for example Tag Heuer.

So, Fossil has released its new device, called Fossil Q Founder. This new smartwatch is coming with a lot of features, some of them already met on other handsets.

Probably, there are already too many companies which are making smartwatches at the same time, because some of them are starting to look pretty similar. Fossil is a new comer on this market, but its new watch looks pretty good.

Of course, it looks like a traditional watch, featuring a round shape display, but this thing is good because it can be worn with many outfits. Probably, the new Fossil Q Founder doesn’t have some unique features, meaning that it doesn’t do something special or better than any other devices on the market.
Fossil 1st smartwatch: Fossil Q Founder

The new Fossil Q Founder is already available at the price of 275 dollars. It is a fair price if we compare it with other smartwatches that can be found on the market. Fossil Q Founder comes with a leather strap or with a stainless steel link band. Both of them are looking great on the hand, but probably many customers will choose the stainless steel band, due to its durability.

As for its price, Fossil’s new watch is more affordable than any other famous Android Wear watches, including Moto 360 and Huawei Watch. Without a doubt, many customers will be attracted by Fossil Q Founder, because on the traditional watch market, this brand is highly successful, making some of the best watches.

However, even if Fossil is making good watches, this smartwatch is not really impressive. Of course, it has an attractive design and it looks pretty good, but it also has some downsides. For example it has a short battery life and it suffers buggy performance.

On the surface, Fossil Q Founder looks like it can compete with many successful smartwatches, but inside there are some minuses.

To be added that the screen isn’t a complete circle, just like on Motorola’s device, meaning that on the bottom of the 1.5-inch screen there is a black bar. Of course, that bar isn’t without a purpose, because it houses an ambient light sensor, but its presence there is not very attractive.

Fossil Q Founder doesn’t come with a great resolution, featuring only 360x326-pixel resolution. As for its hardware, this smartwatch is powered by an Intel Atom processor and 4GB of storage for apps and music.

Moreover, it also has a Wi-Fi that is able to function even if the phone is left behind.
To be added that some of the most attractive functions are the gyroscope and the accelerometer. Unfortunately, there is no GPS function or an optical heart-rate sensor on the new device.
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