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The iPhone 7 to Ditch the Headphone Jack

Rumors on what the iPhone 7 will feature are still on. The iPhone 7 is believed to be released by Apple during the fall of 2016, but this does not mean that speculation is not on.

Actually, a series of things have been claimed about the device that is believed to be in the works. One of the latest such claims is that the iPhone 7 will actually ditch the headphone jack.

The new rumor indicated that the famous company actually plans on replacing the headphone jack with Lightning-based headphones.

This would definitely be a big change, having under consideration that the headphone jack has been featured on all kind of devices, from computers to phones, for years. The rumor was first released by Mac Otakara, a Japanese tech website.
iPhone 7 New design rumors
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So, the rumor indicated that with the upcoming iPhone 7, Apple will add Lightning-based headphones, which will replace the headphone jack.

Of course, Apple has an important purpose in introducing this change. According to the website, the famous company wants to further reduce the size of the Phone and this would be an important step on achieving that purpose.

Mac Otakara indicated that one of the main focuses that the tech giant has when it comes to the upcoming smartphone is making the new device a full millimeter thinner than the iPhone 6S.
The report went on to add that the new iPhone will also support third-party Bluetooth and
Lightning-based headphones, but for users who want to use 3.5mm headphones, a type of adapter will be needed.

 iPhone 7 rumors - Headphone Jack
If the rumor is true or not, is something unclear for now. Most likely, it will only be confirmed once Apple will introduce its new iPhone on the market, as the famous company is well known to be keeping all its plans a secret.

However, some popular tech sites seem to believe that the report is true. The source itself is considered to be reliable and Apple has shown some signs that it could be interested in such a development. Furthermore, it wouldn't be the first time when Apple would show interest in a technology that could work to make the iPhone slimmer.

Apple has also made some acquisitions in the past few years that could indicate the company's new focus. For instance, it purchased Beats Electronic, released the Apple Music service and has also opened up its MFi licensing program to feature headphones that include Lightning port.

This means that headphone makers have been able to create devices that can connect to Apple's products via Lightning cable.

Even more so, Apple wouldn't be the first company making such a move. Actually, HTC G1 has already dropped the headphone jack. This is the first Android smartphone to be making such a move.

Would this mean the beginning of a new trend among smartphone manufacturers? 

If Apple will be making this decision, having under consideration the company's power and influence, most likely many other smartphone makers will follow.

Of course, everything remains at the status of rumor or speculation for now and most likely nothing will be confirmed until the fall, when Apple will probably release its iPhone 7. 
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