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The new HTC Desire 520

These days, approximately all companies are fighting to release some of the most advanced and high-end smartphones.

Everyone has at least one smartphone that is used for browsing the Web, sending emails or just to check out what is new on Facebook or Twitter.

Well, on a market filled with high-end devices, there is also room for low-cost smartphones. HTC has made a surprisingly move and they have released the new Desire 520.

This phone has been presented as a budget-friendly device, which is also the cheapest one on the market. So, this means that customers could get this phone for only 100 dollars.
HTC Desire 520 Specs release date and review

At first sight, the new HTC Desire 520 looks pretty decent. This is a 4.5-inch smartphone that homes a quad-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

So, is this not enough? 
Of course, users will not be able to play high-end games on it, or to multitask, but this is a decent phone that can be used to browse the Web or send an email.

However, at this price range, HTC Desire 520 has some serious down sides, like limited storage, a dated operating system and a low battery life. But, for 100 dollars, there is not much to ask, knowing the fact that its competition costs approximately double.

As for design, this phone looks like many other HTC’s phones, which is a good thing, because this company has some good-looking devices.

Holding it in hand, the new device feels cheap and has an inexpensive plastic chassis that also attracts greasy fingerprints. Moreover, this phone doesn’t have a personality and is available in only one color: slate gray.

HTC Desire 520 is pretty small, which probably is a good thing, because it is more comfortable to hold and is friendly to travel. As for the screen, HTC Desire 520 comes with a 4.5-inch display that is outdated and has diluted colors and text and after zooming in, it looks pixelated.

This new phone could probably be compared with Motorola’s Droid, which has approximately 6 years since its release.

An interesting fact about HTC Desire 520 is that it comes with the company’s trademark dual front-facing speakers, which is a good thing. Moreover, these front-facing speakers also sound pretty loud.

Another interesting fact is that the phone comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop and has HTC’s Sense interface layered on top. As for updating to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the chances are very low. Probably, many users are preferring to have the original interface of Android, but the Sense is not bad and it is easy to use.

HTC Desire 520 comes with 8GB storage, which is pretty decent for users to add apps, photos and music. Moreover, there is a microSD card slot situated under the back cover, so users can add extra storage. Being a budge phone,

HTC Desire 520 doesn’t come with NFC, which means that users will not be able to make mobile payments through Android Pay. However, at the price of 100 dollars,

HTC Desire 520 is perfect for a second phone or for parents or grandparents who are not updated with the latest technology.
The new HTC Desire 520 Reviewed by John Colston on 3:24 PM Rating: 5
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