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The new Samsung UNJS9500 series: Probably the best TV series of the year

The TV market is one of the most crowded places, being filled with incredible TVs. Here, the fight for supremacy is very intense and famous companies such as Samsung and LG look like they are running the place.

Probably, the fight for the first place is taken by Samsung and LG. These two companies have released in the past few years some of the best TVs on the market. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the other brands and not good enough or that they don’t have high-end devices. Furthermore, most likely many customers will buy other TVs instead of Samsung and LG, just because the prices are cheaper.

However, these days Samsung has released a new TV, called Samsung UNJS9500. This new TV is probably the best TV that this company has released in 2015. Samsung UNJS9500 comes with an amazing picture and also has a couple of advantages, compared with LG’s EF9500 OLED TV.

What is the main advantage compared with LG’s device? Well, it can get lighter. Everyone knows that OLED’s can achieve a perfect level of blackness on screen, leading to a better impact for all images.

However, these two TVs cannot be compared from one side to another, because Samsung’s new TV is curved, while LG’s OLED TV is flat. That is another huge point of debate, because there are clients who are willing to buy curved TVs, while others are not willing to update from the traditional flat TV.

The question is what are the advantages to have a curved or a flat TV?

On the market, Samsung and LG are at approximately the same price range at 65 inches. This means that their products cost somewhere around 5,000 dollars. So, even if Samsung will decide to slash the prices, OLED’s will probably have some advantages and those pluses will make it worth the extra money.

However, the new Samsung UNJS9500 is amazing and in rooms where the light is way brighter, this TV might be the perfect choice. Unfortunately, this is the single main plus for this TV, because in any other environments, except those where the light is very bright, the OLED is way better.

As for design, the new Samsung UNJS9500 looks approximately the same with the company’s TV line. So, Samsung UNJS9500 comes with a metallic silver bezel that is not really whisper-thing, but it is thin enough to home Samsung and SUHD logos. The contrast between the dark screen and the silver metallic bezels look pretty good and it also accentuates the curve. Another reason to buy a Samsung TV is the TV clicker.

Yes, Samsung probably has the best remote control on the market. Most likely in 2015 LG has won some ground, but Samsung still remains the company with the best TV clicker. Why? Because this remote control offers smooth motion control, where users can whip a pointer around the screen, just like a Nintendo Wiimote.

So, there are two ways to move around the TV's menu: the first way is with a traditional four-way cursor and the other way is by motion control with the pointer.
The new Samsung UNJS9500 series: Probably the best TV series of the year Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 12/10/2015 01:31:00 PM Rating: 5

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