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Whirlpool Swash: Looking to save some time?

Whirlpool has released a new device that will definitely help users save a lot of time. This new device is called Whirlpool Swash and is available at the price of 400 dollars. With this new appliance, users will not be forced to go to the dry cleaner every day.

Why? Because Whirlpool Swash will improve the look, the smell and the feel of their clothes in approximately 15 minutes. How it’s going to do that? Using a combination of scented chemicals and heat for a better treatment, but it also translates to dryer cycles and harsh washer.

However, customers will probably say that the new Whirlpool Swash is not a successful replacement for dry-cleaning, because it doesn’t have the power to remove stains or to clean soiled fabric. Yes, this is true, because this appliance only offsets unpleasant odors and offers a good smell to the clothes.

To be added that Whirlpool Swash is not the only appliance of its kind on the market, because there is also LG Styler.

Of course, LG’s appliance is more expensive than this one, being available at the price of 2,000 dollars.

But, LG Styler has many other useful features, for instance it can handle multiple items of clothing. Another minus for the Whirlpool Swash is that it requires proprietary scent pods to function. This is not pretty comfortable, especially because those pods cost proximately 60 cents per each.

So, is this new appliance worth the money? Well, it depends on the customer’s needs. For those who doesn’t want to waste time going to the dry-cleaner, yes, it is pretty handy. As for design, this device looks like a classic steam radiator, but better-looking. Unfortunately, it is made out of plastic.

Probably, if it were made of metal it would have offered a more premium look. Moreover, it has blinking LED lights which are located on the top of the edge and the Swash logo, which is pretty catchy silver “S.”

The new Whirlpool Swash is pretty heavy and big, which is probably not a good thing, especially if users will want to move it from one room to another. This appliance measures somewhere around 4 feet 3 inches high and weighs 80 pounds. However, a good thing is that Whirlpool Swash doesn’t require a dedicated water line, but only a standard 120 volt outlet for electrical power.

Using the new Whirlpool Swash is not very complicated. It has only a few buttons and some special functions and settings. So, the first step is for users to open the appliance by pulling the machine’s silver knob, than hang the clothes they want to treat.

Once they do that, they must drop a Swash pod into a receptacle, into a special compartment. After all these steps are completed, users will have to wait 10-15 minutes while they are treated inside. It is important to know that users should use only specific types of clothes, like shirts, pants sweaters and dresses.
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