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Twitter Debates On The Change to Allow 10,000 Character Tweets

With the enhanced pressure given by the huge popularity of Facebook, Twitter seems to feel the need to make some changes, being claimed that the famous company plans on introducing the 10K tweet idea.

A new report indicated that the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is actually promoting this idea and wants to increase the number of characters of a tweet. So, the supposed change will mean that users will be able to tweet messages that include as much as 10,000 characters.

Currently, the limit is of 140 characters. Without a doubt, this would be a huge change for the famous social network.

The idea is not new. Twitter has previously shown interest in allowing users to express more of their thoughts. However, if some users might see this as a positive thing, it appears that not everyone agrees.

So, it has been claimed that some Wall Street Investors don't think this would be a good thing for the company, thus, after the character increase report emerged, Twitter's stock fell 2.8 percent.

The reason why this happened on the financial market is easily explained through the fact that the posts size change could actually impact Twitter's brand. Twitter is known as the social network that allows its users to post short messages, known as tweets.

Twitter Debating Change to Allow 10,000 Character Tweets
Even the company's name refers to short conversations. Moreover, many of the social network's fans actually access it because of this feature that it only specific to Twitter.

Some argue that the characters limit makes shared messages more precise and concise, which numerous users seem to appreciate.

Twitter is also said to be more appreciated by people with busy schedules, who cannot afford spending hours on the social network, but want to discover the latest updates.

It has also been claimed that by making this change, Twitter would no longer be different in any way from Facebook.

Furthermore, others have argued that the 10K characters limit is too much. This is the length of an in-depth article or a short story. If people will really be interested in reading that much is something to be discovered if the functionality will really be set in place. Well, how is it going to look on Twitter is also something unknown for now.

Some reports indicated that users would continue to see the first 140 characters of a tweet, but they will have the possibility to click on the tweet to expand it, in order to discover the entire content.

Well, if some users are happy with the way Twitter works now and do not want to change the length of the messages shared, other seem to be willing to share more on Twitter. Apparently, Jack Dempsey also believes that people want more, thinking that by increasing messages length, Twitter will be able to target more potential users.

Dorey previously said that he expected a growth in Twitter users' numbers in the first six months of 2016. The new change is expected to roll out in March. The release has not been officially confirmed.
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