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Faraday unveils the amazing FFZERO1 Concept Car

The electric car company, known as Faraday Future, has unveiled its first concept car, called the FFZERO1. They made this release at CES 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moreover, the best thing about this new concept car is that it looks a lot like the Batmobile.

Faraday is very happy about their new car and they called it a “car of concepts” more than a singular concept car. To be added that the FFZERO1 is a racy electric prototype, and it is not a family-friendly machine.

New Electric Car - FFZERO1 Concept Car
Many people will probably be interested to see how the new electric race car will look like, and by its design we are very sure that it will not be a disappointment. "Apple didn't just transform the phone, they transformed the way we lived our lives, and we want to do that, too," has declared Nick Sampson, Faraday Future product architect.
We are embarking on nothing less than a complete rethink of what mobility means," he continued. Unfortunately, there are not many details about this car's features, probably because they want to surprise at its debut in 2017.

To be said that the FFZERO1 comes with some interesting features, for example, the seating is made for zero gravity situations, for some specific reasons. Moreover, this car will channel water and oxygen through a helmet that this company is developing.

Another interesting feature is that people can stick their iPhone right on the steering wheel for navigation, and the car will act as a digital copilot.
Electric Car, Concept Car

How it is going to do that? 

Well, it will project augmented reality visuals on the road ahead. Richard Kim, Faraday’s head of global design, has said that this car is “not of this world,” and that it has an “UFO line” design with incredible black and silver paintings. Moreover, he said that this amazing “UFO line” will be signature to all of Faraday Future’s cars.

This is what we call our UFO line, and it denotes that it’s not really of this world. It will be a feature of all our cars," has declared Lead Faraday designer, Richard Kim. 

An interesting fact is that Richard Kim has also helped BMW at their iconic new electric cars, the i3 and i8.

At this presentation, which is an invitation-only event, has also been present the city’s mayor and state’s governor. They had their part of helping negotiate a 1 billion dollar commitment by Chinese-backed Faraday to build its first manufacturing plant north of the city. Moreover, the executives have declared that they are planning to employ somewhere around 4,500 people.

Despite low gasoline prices, Faraday sees a big opportunity on the electric vehicles market, which had a big growth last year.

We are building premium pure electric vehicles, that's what the manufacturing site will produce, and we are demonstrating that over time we will produce a range of vehicles," has declared Nick Sampson, Faraday’s senior vice president of R&D and product development. 

Initially they'll be sold to owners, but we also see the changing landscape in the industry, there are far more people that will want just mobility in the future," he continued. 
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