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The new First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm

The new First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm is a new device on the market and comes with some high promises.

This is a HomeKit product and it is an answer to the Nest Protect. It has some of the best features on the market and it will probably become one of the best smart smoke alarms available in sale.

First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke does approximately everything that Nest Protect does, like voiced warnings, push alerts and in-app silencing of false alarms.

The new First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm is available at the price of 120 dollars for the hardwired version and 110 dollars for the battery-powered model. To be added that the wired version has the ability to pair with the existing hardwired detectors, meaning that users will smarten up their whole house with one unit.
smoke detector, co alarm

Moreover, the hardwired version comes with sealed batteries, as a backup. First Alert Company has a good image on the market and it is recognized as making excellent safety gear and smoke alarms. Without a doubt, their new OneLink smoke detector will not disappoint.

This new product is pretty impressive and its response to smoke and blared is faster than the one of the Nest Protect. The Homekit integration will probably transform this smoke detector into something really good, but it needs some new software updates in the present.

At the moment, its app is not so good, because it has slow push notifications and many meaningless Homekit functionalities. This doesn’t mean that it can’t get better, but at the moment, the connected functionality is not as good as it should be.

However, customers who don’t want to spend 120 dollars on a smoke alarm sensor will probably opt for the 40 dollars sensor. Moreover, if they want to get smart with smoke detection, the 100 dollars second-gen Nest Protect is also available on the market.

Despite the connected functionality probably, the new First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm is an incredible smoke sensor alarm that will probably be huge on the market in the future. The hardware that this model has is very solid and responsive. Moreover, it has a good-looking design and it is easy to set up.

Installing this product is approximately the same as installing any other battery powered or hardwired smoke alarm. Customers don’t need advanced DIY skills to install this smoke sensor alarm, just enough basics to connect a couple of wireless for the hardwired model.

 Moreover, the physical instructions or the iOS app will help users to finish the installation. So, after the installation is over and the alarm is twisted onto its mounted backing, the LEDs situated on the device will flash green and the alarm will speak a welcome speech. After that, the lights will turn blue, which will indicate that it is ready to sync with the home router.

To be added that the First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm will talk with the user’s phone via Bluetooth and send remote notifications over Wi-Fi.
The new First Alert OneLink Wi-Fi Smoke and CO Alarm Reviewed by John Colston on 3:26 PM Rating: 5
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