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New rumors about the iPhone 7

Well, it looks like there are some new rumors about the iPhone 7. Even if the release of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is still actual in customers' mind, people are starting to ask how the new iPhone 7 will look and what configuration and features it will have.

So, starting with 2016, the Web is filled with rumors, dubious pronouncements made by anonymous users, leaks and other content.
New rumors about the iPhone 7 , new iPhone 7 2016

And yet, Apple didn’t made any interesting new announcements that include the iPhone 7, but there are some predictions that seems to be real. Predicting the future of the iPhone has become in the last few years a full-time sport. As everyone knows, Apple releases their new phone models sometime during the fall.

Last year, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were unveiled on September 9, while on September 25 they were already available in stores.

So, this year, probably Apple will release the new iPhone 7 when kids will return back to school. However, surprises can be made, because even if Apple didn’t make special invitations, an event is rumored to be scheduled for March 2016.

Will this be the big event when Apple will release the new iPhone 7? It is yet to see.

People should not forget that the Apple Watch has been released in April 2016, so there will be huge chances that iPhone 7 will appear sometime around the same date.

However, it’s more likely that on the same date, a successor for Apple Watch will appear. So, until the big announcement will be made, here are some interesting predictions that iPhone 7 will probably have:

For the last couple of years, Apple’s iPhone updates have followed a predictable line. The company has focused on impressive tech upgrades, but also major design changes. These moves have a main purpose: to make an attractive and powerful phone every year.

So, the rumors are claiming that Apple has developed so far, multiple prototypes, including a backup design that is similar to the iPhone 6S, but also a completely new and thinner look. Moreover, there are rumors that Apple is working at a waterproof or water-resistant chassis.

This will be an incredible thing, given the fact that users often drop their phones into water. This water-resistant feature will also be a hit for other well-known devices that already have this feature, including Sony Z5 Premium, Moto G and Samsung Galaxy S5.

A new set of Bluetooth earphones

Yes, it looks like Apple is also working on its earphone sets, trying to come with an improvement. So, there are rumors that the company is working at a new set of Bluetooth earphones. This will make it more comfortable for users to wear their earphones, because no more cables involved will be involved. To be added that the company has already chosen a name for this new pair of Bluetooth earphones: AirPods.

As for connections, everyone is asking what connectivity standards will the new iPhone 7 support. Well, there are rumors that this new device will come with a 3.5mm headphones jack and an all-in-one Lightning connector.

Other specialists are saying that Apple will probably swipe out Lightning and introduce USB Type-C. Given the fact that the new chassis design will be thinner, customers should not wait for a large variety of connection ports.
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