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The second-generation of the Intel Compute Stick

These days, the second generation of Intel Compute Stick has been released. This tiny computer will definitely be a huge hit in the future due to its size.

Nowadays, every television has an HDMI input and can be also used as a computer monitor. So, with this tiny stick, customers will be able to transform their television into an instant Windows 10 desktop computer.

The new Intel Compute Stick is available at the price of 159 dollars and it isn’t larger than an oversized USB key. So, users will just have to plug the tiny computer into a spare HDMI input and transform their TV into a real desktop computer.

Intel has managed to change the idea of the desktop computer with their original Computer Stick, released last year at CES. This year, the company has come back with an update to their stick hoping to be much useful for customers.

However, it’s really impressing how Intel has managed to squeeze a full-featured Windows-powered desktop computer into something this small.

These days, all companies are trying to shrink their devices, making them travel-friendly and very easy to use. Amazon Fire TV and Roku boxes have also been shrunk to stick form.

So, why a desktop computer could not be as tiny as a stick? 

However, buying a computer that has the shape of a stick also brings some compromises.

  • For example, Intel Compute Stick should not be compared with a high-end computer, especially because the company has struggled to keep the price under 200 dollars. 

Last year, Intel Compute Stick had the mission to transform the monitor or television into a quick desktop PC, which people can use for Web surfing, social media, video streaming or other online-based tasks. All the tech details on the official website:
 Intel Compute Stick review tech specs

Well, this year, Intel is going for something bigger. For starters, its design has been changed a little, coming with a nice mate finish and rounded edges. Moreover, the body is a little bit larger, but that is for a good purpose, because the company has added an extra room to double the USB port.

So, this means that if the last year’s model had just one USB port, the new model comes with one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. The Wi-Fi antenna has also been updated to 802.11ac and the Intel Atom processor has also been changed to the next generation, called Cherry Trail.

So, as it was mentioned earlier, the Intel Compute Stick’s design has been changed, but remains slick and minimalist. Customers should know that this computer stick requires a little more than just plugging it into an HDMI port.

For starters, they need power, that’s why this stick also comes with a Micro-USB charging cable and power brick.

To be mentioned that the new model comes with a longer cable, of approximately three feet. Moreover, people who cannot fit their system directly into their screen because there isn’t enough space, should be happy to know that there is a short HDMI extender cable that comes with the stick.

To be added that customers who want to connect a keyboard or a mouse can also opt for the wired version, because there are two USB ports included now.  
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