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The new Brave Browser promises faster Web surfing

A new web browser is on the market and it promises faster Web surfing. Brendan Eich, known as former CEO of Mozilla and creator of JavaScript programming, is working on a new project.

It is called Brave and it is a web browser that will block ads while still making money for publishers. Brave browser is not yet available for general usage, but it allows users to sign up for access to an early version of the product.

So, this means that people can access Brave’s homepage and sign in for an early product. Moreover, visitors can read Eich’s post, saying that ad blockers can create a better web browsing experience, but they instead prefer to start a war with good publishers.
At Brave, we’re building a solution designed to avert war and give users the fair deal they deserve for coming to the Web to browse and contribute,” has declared Brendan Eich. “We’re doing something bigger than an ad blocker,” he added.
So, Brave is a browser that blocks ads, plus a variety of data collection technologies, like impression-tracking pixels and analytics scripts.
We clear the whole swimming pool of algae,” Eich said.
A more in-depth review here:
Brave browser -  faster surfing

However, it is important to know that Brave browser won’t block all ads, because search ads, which still constitute the slim majority of online ads by revenue, will remain on the webpage.

Moreover, display ads that are positioned directly by advertisers with no trackers will not be blocked.

Brave also has plans to add ads of its own, but in a way that will not affect page performance. Brendan Eich explained the ad placement process in a post that he shared:
By default Brave will insert ads only in a few standard-sized spaces. We find those spaces via a cloud robot (so users don’t have to suffer, even a few canaries per screen size-profile, with ad delays and battery draining). We will target ads based on browser-side intent signals phrased in a standard vocabulary, and without a persistent user id or highly re-identifiable cookie.”

Brendan Eich is trying to convince publishers and people to support his startup browser. Therefore, if this project will succeed, Brave will offer better privacy to consumers and a faster way for Web surfing.

At the moment, online ads support countless free services from Facebook social networking to Google search or Yahoo mail. In this way, publishers have an impulse to invade people’s personal life because ads sell for a premium when publishers know personal details about consumers.
When an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product," has declared Tim Cook, Apple CEO in 2014. This means that advertisers are buying people’s personal details. 

At this stage, Brave is still at version 0.7, but Eich has high hopes that this browser will be the future of the Web.

He declared that his team built Brave out of Chromium, which is also known as the foundation of Google’s Chrome browser. Probably, many people will ask why he didn’t use Firefox. Because Chrome is more widely used, meaning that it is also better tested by developers.
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