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Apple Music has over 11 Million Subscribers

Apple has always released successful services and it seems that the Apple Music makes no exception from this point of view. The service has no less than 11 million subscribers, Apple has confirmed. The news is not actually shocking, as the information was first make public last month.

So, then, a Financial Times report claimed that Apple Music had over 10 million users. The report cited a source close to Apple, but did not provide too many details. Well, it surely seems that the source was right, as the news has just been confirmed. This means that Apple revealed its exact number of subscribers.

During a recent interview, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi stated that the service has managed to sum over 11 million users. And the figure is naturally expected to continue to grow. In fact, the report published by the Financial Times said that if the number continues to grow at the same rate, the Apple Music service could actually end up having more than 20 million users by the end of the year.

If the Apple Music will be able to achieve this growth, it will definitely become a dangerous competitor to Spotify, which currently has a bit over 20 million paying subscribers. In this context, it is important to mention that Spotify also has between 55 and 60 million free subscribers.

Of course, it still obtains revenue from ads, but the highest amounts continue to come from the paid service.

Some analysts explained the growth registered by the Apple Music service when it comes to the number of subscribers through the fact that the service is available for both iOS and Android users, meaning that a larger category of people would be willing to discover it.

Furthermore, the Apple Music free tier service no longer has access to radio stations, meaning that more users might have become interested in the paid version. The service also comes with a series of access for users, meaning that for the $9.99 per month subscription, users will get access to curated stations, artists, but also albums and songs.

Of course, these are also factors that could explain the growth in user numbers and it is yet to find out if this increase will be maintained.

The two Apple executives also revealed that the iCloud has reached an amazing number of users, 782 million. Well, this is a freemium service that users find to be quite useful, as it offers them the possibility to organize photos, store documents and even track their devices.

Well, if these are good news for Apple, it seems that the company's executives also wanted to share some good news for users. So, Cue and Federighi claimed that Apple is working at the Remote app, which actually is a really interesting project. The Apple Remote app would allow an iPhone fully replace a remote included with the Apple TV.

Of course, the two executive did not offer that much information about this project at the moment, but it would surely be very interesting.
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