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Apple Accused of Patent Infringement

Apple has become quite well known as the company which own patents for various technologies and sues its rivals for infringing them, but it seems that now the tech company has been targeted by such a lawsuit itself. So, Apple will have to face a patent infringement lawsuit.

The famous company was sued by Immersion, which has actually filed a series of complaints against the famous tech company, claiming that Apple had actually stolen its patents for its 3D Touch and Force Touch technology. This technology has actually recently been introduced by the tech giant.

The lawsuit filed by Immersion against Apple also names AT&T, the two companies being accused of infringing on three patents owned by Immersion. A complaint has reportedly been filed with the US International Trade Commission by Immersion, while the lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the District of Delaware.

According to the legal complaint, the technology on which Immersion holds a patent was used by Apple on its most popular products, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as its most recent devices, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Furthermore, the patented technology has also been used on the Apple Watch, the plaintiff said.

While we are pleased to see others in the industry recognize the value of haptics and adopt it in their products, it is important for us to protect our business against infringement of our intellectual property in order to preserve the ecosystem we have built and the investments that we have made in continuing to advance haptic experiences," Immersion's CEO stated. 

Furthermore, Immersion's CEO, Victor Viegas, said that they will not give up the fight easily, adding that they plan on battling Apple for the technology Immersion created and which the tech giant had stolen.

Well, in this context it is important to mention that Apple is not the first company targeted by Immersion over stolen patents. The company has also filed complaints against Sony, Google and Microsoft, which Immersion won.
Immersion and its employees have worked diligently for over 20 years to invent solutions and build an ecosystem of content and playback devices that enable realistic and rich digital experiences. Touch matters, as it informs, excites and humanizes the digital world we interact with every day. Many of our licensed customers are market leaders that benefit from our innovation in touch technology," Immersion's CEO also said.
It definitely appears that more lawsuits are hitting Apple. The tech company is also under threat of being sued by customers who had to deal with the much controversial Error 53 and who were definitely not happy about the company's decision to introduce this error.

And that may not be all. Apple might also be sued by users unhappy with iOS 9, which is said to have slowed down iPhone 4 models.

Well, Apple has not commented on the new patent infringement claims, so it is yet to see what the tech giant has to say.
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