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Apple Rumor: Siri finally coming to the Mac

Siri finally coming to the Mac

Apple is worldwide renowned for its voice-enabled virtual assistant named Siri, which is accessible to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch users. Now, Apple users and Apple fans from all over the world will be pleased to know that Siri will also be coming to the Mac. At least this is what has been recently rumored.

The news was first reported by 9to5Mac. According to the report, Apple will introduce the new feature starting with the month of June, when the famous company is said to unveil a software update for the Mac. This is believed to happen during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. Of course, at this event, Apple is expected to unveil other updates for the Mac, as well, but Siri is said to be the most important.

According to the recent report, the update will actually bring a new button that users will be able to see on the Mac menu bar, next to the Spotlight Search and Notification Center. Users who want to access Siri will just have to press the button and they will launch the virtual assistant on their device.

However, the report said that users will also be able to change the way they want to access Siri from the System Preferences Menu, where they will find the option to set a keyboard shortcut to Siri.

Furthermore, Mac users will also be able to enjoy the much popular "Hey Siri" functionality that was introduced already on the iPhone. Of course, Apple has not confirmed the report, which means that users will have to wait and see exactly how this functionality will work.

Still, it has been claimed that Apple has been testing Siri for quite some time, some sources saying that it has been in tests even since 2012. However, it seems that Apple is ready to launch Siri on the Mac only now. Still, the report revealed that some tests are still made, so hopefully everything will be 100 percent functional by June for the release to be made.

The fact that users have been waiting for Siri on the Mac is no secret. Moreover, such a move was actually much expected, even more so as Apple has put a lot of effort into bringing new functionalities to Siri.

The last update brought, for instance, some features that aimed to make Siri more personal.

Furthermore, this move from Apple might also come now that Microsoft has made a similar decision. So, the tech giant has brought its own assistant, Cortana, to Windows PCs and Windows 10. Furthermore, users' desire to enjoy Siri usability on the Mac might have also put some extra pressure on Apple.

Well, while the new rumors talk about Apple's intention to release Siri on Mac, it seems that Apple is dealing with more serious issues now. The famous company is still engaged in its war with the FBI over privacy and it seems that a new survey made by Reuters indicated that 46 percent of Americans support Apple's opposition to the FBI. However, 35 percent disagree with Apple.
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