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Apple Watch Prices Drop

If Apple might be enjoying a great success when it comes to the iPhone, it seems that maybe things are not going that well when it comes to the Apple Watch. So, prices for the Apple Watch have decreased even up to $100.

While some may claim that this happened because people were not that drawn into purchasing this device, meaning that sales weren't great for Apple, others seem to think that the decision might have something to do with the Apple event that is believed to be taking place next month.

So, Apple's authorized resellers have decided to offer some great deals at the Apple Watch. Fans who planned on buying the device will surely be extremely happy to find out that it is available with $100 discount.

And the good news continue. Retailers are also offering buyers free shipping. Of course, offers vary from one seller to another, but it definitely seems to be a great moment to buy an Apple Watch.

Well, despite the excitement for the low prices, the question why did Apple offer such a great discount emerges. The news seem to have surfaced only a few weeks after it has been claimed that Apple might have started production of the next Apple Watch. And since an Apple event is rumored to be taking place in less than a month, it is now speculated that the tech giant will unveil its next generation Apple Watch at this event.

There has been a lot of speculation on regarding what Apple will unveil at the event that is expected next month. Among the devices that Apple is said to be presenting are an iPad Air 3 and an iPhone 5se. The tech giant has not confirmed that it will really release these products, but it seems that everyone is quite sure that they will hit the market.

Well, when it comes to the Apple Watch 2, opinions are shared. However, the fact that retailers have cut prices of the product weeks before this event might indicate that the rumors were true. Still, in the lack of an official confirmation, nothing is certain, so users will have to wait until Apple's event to find out exactly what the tech giant has been working on.

Meanwhile, Apple has revealed not that great news. The famous company announced the recall of some of its USB-C cables shipped with the latest MacBook laptop.

The reason of the recall is linked to the fact that they could be faulty and could lead to power issues. The power cables might fail to charge the computer, Apple stated.

The famous company also claimed that the problem with the power cables is limited to a reduced number of computers. Users who own power cables covered by the recall can replace them at Apple retail stores, authorized third parties, as well as through Apple's online support.

This is not the first time when Apple announced a recall to its power cable. Actually, it has also recalled some power adapters that it sold with Macs, iPhones, iPads and iPods.
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