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Dell has released the new XPS 15

It looks like Dell has big plans this year, especially on the laptop market. The company has released another new laptop, called Dell XPS 15. This device probably has the thinnest bezel on the market.

Dell is well-known for its amazing laptops that come with good-looking designs. Last year, Dell XPS 13 was considered a breath of fresh air when it was released. That laptop featured a high-resolution display that was stretched all the way to the system edge. It was very eye-catching and after its release, thus, a high number of laptop manufactures had tried to copy its design.

So, this year, Dell is coming with a new laptop, called XPS 15. This new device is considered to be the next step into the anti-bezel revolution. It comes with a bigger version, too, and it is available in a few components and resolution options.

Compared with the last year’s version, the new Dell XPS 15 can go all the way up to 4K resolution. The standard version is available with a 1,920x1,080-pixel display, non-touchscreen, powered by Intel Core i5 CPU and costs 999 dollars. Yes, the price is very appealing and affordable for those who are searching for a high-end laptop.

However, Dell has other options that are more expensive, for example a faster Core i7 processor, Nvidia GeForce 960 graphics card, a touchscreen feature and a big solid state hard drive, at the price of 2,129 dollars. So, yes, there is an expensive version of the new Dell XPS 15, but it all depends on the customer’s budget.

So, this new laptop feels and looks more like a 15-inch MacBook Pro, but one that is much better in many areas than Apple’s version. Why? Because the MacBook Pro doesn’t come with a 4L display and doesn’t offer a touchscreen option. But, when it comes to specs, Apple’s laptop also offers a similar 512GB SSD and an AMD Radeon R9 M370 graphics cards, at the price of 2,499 dollars. To be added that the Radeon found on Apple is not as gamer-friendly as the Nvidia 960M found on Dell’s version.

The new Dell XPS 15 is the kind of laptop that will attract a lot of customers who pass by it, while being exposed in the shop. The larger screen against the thin bezel is very eye-catching, especially because it

has a 15-inch display. As for the interior, it is mate black and has a backlit keyboard. Even if the keyboard feels small, it is very responsive and the function keys are helpfully reversed. This means that with a single tap, users will control the brightness and volume, rather than pressing a function-key-plus-FN-button combo, which is found on many other laptops. As for the touchpad, this comes with a pleasing mate surface, which is very usable and responsive.

The new Dell XPS 15 is very attractive and has a powerful configuration. These days, many high-end laptops are compared with the much-loved MacBook Pro. This is clearly a mistake, because every laptop is unique in its own way and the customer is the person who will decide which is the best laptop for his needs.
Dell has released the new XPS 15 Reviewed by Anette Keyne on 5:30 PM Rating: 5
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