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Is Ray Super Remote the best universal remote?

 Ray Super Remote

These days, a new universal remote has been released on the market. We are talking about Ray Super Remote, which hopes to be the next Harmony.

Everybody knows that Logitech Harmony is dominating the universal remote market. Now, it looks like a new competitor is entering this market and promises to be better than Harmony. For starters, the new Ray Super Remote looks way better and attractive, but is this enough? Putting Ray Super Remote and

Logitech Harmony side by side, which one is best?

Logitech Harmony


At the price of 250 dollars, the new Ray Super Remote costs twice as much as Harmony's remote, which is not good. Ray’s remote comes with a big touchscreen display making things easier and offers more advantages over a button-based clicker.

However, probably many customers will opt for a screenless, buttons remote, Logitech’s remote, especially because it feels more comfortable in hand and it is easier to use. Moreover, Logitech Harmony also offer an app on the phone, especially for customers who are in search of a touchscreen remote. Of course, there is also an expensive alternative, Harmony Elite, which is Logitech’s top-end remote and costs 300 dollars.

Another interesting option for users is Peel, which can be found on Android phones that can act as remotes. This app is free and it has the power to control every device in the house. iPhone users can also opt for a cheaper alternative, we are talking about Pronto, which costs 50 dollars.

So, what advantages does Ray Super Remote have? 

For starters, it has the same features that Harmony already has, turning on users’ devices, switching inputs and helping users find something to watch on TV.

Users will also be able to browse what’s on by genre, checking the remote’s suggestions. As for setup, the process is very friendly and easy to do. Users will accomplish it entirely on the remote’s screen.

Unfortunately, Ray doesn’t have a separate PC or phone app, but this is not very inconvenient. So, Ray Super Remote offers a larger variety of features, but it is still not worth the high price.

Harmony’s remote also offers some of these feature and costs half the price. Moreover, Logitech’s remote is very easy to use and even a five-year-old child can handle it.

The new Ray Super Remote offers a smartphone-like experience, which can attract a lot of customers.

Even if it looks like an old phone with a larger screen, the remote is very attractive and good-looking. To be added that it has a smaller screen and it is thicker than most current smartphones on the market. Unfortunately, it feels heavier in hand, compared with Logitech’s remote.

Ray’s Super Remote screen is very simple, featuring a vertical column of icons for power, DV or other devices that users want to add among selections for Search, Best of TV, Setting or Sports. This means that users will have the possibility to power up or shut down devices right from the home screen.
Is Ray Super Remote the best universal remote? Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 2:44 PM Rating: 5
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