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JBL has released the new Pulse 2

JBL is coming with a new offer on the Bluetooth speaker market and it is called Pulse 2. These days, tiny little Bluetooth speakers are very popular among customers.

So, that’s why JBL has decided to refresh its Pulse 2 speaker. The new model is coming with some new features, like a better sound quality, but also a new and attractive feature. We are talking about the “interactive” light show, which is great and offers an amazing look to the speaker.

Thanks to its built-in LED lights, the “interactive” light feature is something unique on the Bluetooth speaker market.

JBL New Pulse 2 speakers with Led Lights and interactive light feature
The new JBL Pulse 2 is available at the price of 170 dollars, which is a fair price considering the services that it offers. So, users will just have to press a button situated on the speaker to toggle through 12 different light show options.

This is really catchy and it includes even fireworks, rain and fire options. To be added that this device also has a companion app for Android and iOS devices that will also allow users to adjust the light show directly from their phone.

Moreover, thanks to this app, users will be able to perform firmware upgrades as they become available. This means that JBL will continually update their app, including new light shows.

To be added that there is a prim sensor situated on the speaker that will allow users to hold a colored object up to it and the LEDs will change to that color. Of course, these lights will play off user’s music and also match its mood.

It is very attractive and users will also be able to download ambient sounds via the app, including rain, white noise, waves and stars to enhance the light theme. Another interesting thing is that users will be able to wirelessly link two of these speakers to create a stereo sound.

The new JBL Pulse 2 weighs approximately 1.7 pounds and seems to be pretty durable. 

Another attractive feature is the splashproof feature. Even if it doesn’t come with a waterproof feature, the splahproof feature is very useful. To be added that there is a gasket that covers the audio input and Micro-USB charging port to keep moisture out.

Furthermore, here is also a built-in speakerphone that works pretty well. Unfortunately, there isn’t a USB charging port on this feature and it doesn’t offer a good battery life, compared with JBL’s Charge line. However, the company has declared that that Pulse’s battery is rated at 10 hours for sound only and approximately 5 hours with the light show on.

As for performance, the new JBL Pulse 2 sounds pretty good. Sadly, at high volumes the sound is distorted a little, but this type of problem is highly met at every Bluetooth speaker.

A good tip is to find a balance between making the speaker sound loud, but having it distort too much. However, JBL’s Bluetooth speaker line has a pretty good balance and the sound is acceptable.
JBL has released the new Pulse 2 Reviewed by Mike Beasley on 4:21 AM Rating: 5
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