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New rumors about iPhone 6C and iPhone 5SE

These days, new rumors about Apple’s iPhones have been wandering around. It looks like some new things about iPhone 6C emerged and surprisingly, about an iPhone 5SE.

It is well-known the fact that Apple has some of the best phones on the market, such as the famous iPhone 6S and 6 Plus, but also the newest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Now, with the new rumors, we will go back to the oldest iPhone 5S. It looks like the giant tech is planning to introduce this model back on the market, with some new updates.

iPhone 5S has been released in 2013, and had a huge success. Well, given the popularity of the 4-inch form factor, Apple will probably reconsider to introduce a replacement for the famous iPhone 5S.

So, the new iPhone 5SE will probably be released as a “special edition” with some new features and a facelift, also.

So, in the absence of some official announcements from the Cupertino company, the Internet will definitely be attacked by a large variety of information, rumors and speculations.

No matter the devices it plans on releasing, Apple always manages to cause a lot of rumors. Of course, the most famous Apple device at the moment remains the iPhone, so there is no wonder that the speculation is so enhanced with regards to this product.
New models and rumors for iPhone 6C and iPhone 5SE

Everyone is asking when Apple is planning to release their new iPhone. 

As we know, the Cupertino company usually introduces its new iPhones in the fall, more exactly on September 9, when they also released the 6S and 6S Plus.

Moreover, the new devices have appeared in stores on September 25, 2015. So, knowing the fact that Apple has already released its S line, this year, normally, it is the year when it will release its new iPhone 7.

Probably, the new iPhone 7 will also be released during the period when kids are heading back to school.

However, this doesn’t mean that until September, Apple will not release another model. The latest rumors are indicating that the tech company will release the new iPhone 6C earlier. Many sources have declared that Apple is hopping to release this new product on March 2016.

So, this means that the iPhone 6C will be released during the same period when the Apple Watch will turn one year of existence. Other rumors are reporting that Apple will also release a new Watch in March.

As for the design, it seems that Apple has already developed a larger number of iPhone 7 prototypes, but it is not clear which is the official one.

However, rumors are claiming that the company is planning to bring out the 4-inch model. 

Another unknown fact is if iPhone 6C will come with the aluminum design from iPhone 5S or the candy-colored polycarbonate, like the one on iPhone 5C.

Under the hood, Apple will probably opt for the A9 processor, accompanied by 2GM of RAM, which will put the new iPhone 6C on equal performance with iPhone 6S.
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