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Samsung Galaxy S7 launch date 21 February - Specs and Features Update

Huge news from Samsung. The new Galaxy S7 will be released on February 21. There are high expectations that on the Mobile World Congress, Samsung will release their new Galaxy S7. The timing is perfect and it is the right place and event where Samsung could release their new smartphone.

Of course, everybody is very interested how the new phone will look and what features it will have. However, rumors are claiming that Samsung is not willing to change a lot of its actual design, after last year’s major overhaul.

So, this means that the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will probably be similar with S6 and S6 Edge. Some changes will actually be very useful as well, for example, the company can include a microSD card slot. As for the camera, Samsung should add more low-light support and go back to the Qualcomm processors.

So, this means that if Samsung will release the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on February 21, sometime around March, customers will be able to buy these devices from stores. Another rumor claims that Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S7 Edge+ might launch together. This is an interesting rumor, but also a very hard to believe one.

Imagine if Samsung would launch three phone at the Mobile World Congress. Samsung haven’t done such a thing before. So far, the giant tech manufacturer didn’t announce more than one S version at a time. So, releasing a curved S7 Edge, a straight-side Galaxy S7 and larger curved S7 Edge+, will be hard to believe, but not impossible.

In the last couple of years, smartphone manufactures have released every year devices with larger screens than last year’s models. So, it seems that this will also be valid for Samsung this year. Even if flagship S-series phones have kept their 5.1-inch screen, this year it could jump up to 5.2-inches.

It is not official if the body will grow or stay the same, but the screen will be a little bit bigger. As for the price, an interesting thing has been heard these days. It looks like the new S7 will cost less than last year’s phone.

Some rumors are claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 will cost less than the famous Galaxy S6. It looks like Samsung is willing to release its new flagship phone with 10 percent less at its price in order to stay more competitive with rival phones.

This is an interesting thing and probably customers will be happy to hear that the new Galaxy phone will cost 10 percent less than Galaxy S6.

Will Samsung have a feature that is similar with Apple’s? It looks like the new Galaxy S7 will come with a pressure-sensitive screen, such as the one on the Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, called 3D Touch.

This feature surfaces secondary menu items when users will press and hold the screen harder. The 3D Touch feature made iPhones more interactive and tactile than any other devices on the market.
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