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Samsung has released the new Portable SSD T3

These days, Samsung has released the new Portable SSD T3. Customers who loved the company’s Portable SSD T1 will definitely be enchanted by the new Portable SSD T3.

The new Samsung Portable SSD T3 is available at the prices of 130, 230 and 430 dollars for 250GB, 500GB and 1TB, respectively. However, it doesn’t mean that if this is a new product it should be way better compared with the older version.

The Portable SSD T3 is outfitted with optional AES 256-bit hardware encryption
At testing, the new Samsung Portable SSD T3 was a bit slower than the older model, Portable SSD T1. However, the new SSD comes with an attractive new aluminum case and homes a USB-C port instead of a Micro-USB 3.0 port found on the previous version.

 Moreover, customers should be happy to know that the new T3 is also available in a 2TB capacity and costs 850 dollars. This is an amazing thing, knowing the size of this portable SSD.

Customers who are in search of an attractive, secure, tough and capacious portable storage device, could find the new Samsung Portable SSD T3 to be an excellent choice. But, those who want a fast and compact portable storage device, the previous T1 model could be a better deal, especially because it is cheaper than the newest model.

So, as it was mentioned earlier, the new Samsung Portable SSD T3 comes with an attractive design, but it is larger than the T1. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t small enough to be portable. To be mentioned that this new version comes with some interesting updates, like a shock-resistant feature, due to its new aluminum casing.

Samsung has declared that this new T3 SSD will withstand up to 1,500 g’s of force and survive a drop from approximately 2 meters height. Samsung Portable SSD T3 also comes with an integrated Thermal Guard feature, meaning that it will prevent overheating in extreme temperatures. Users will find a USB-C port situated on one side, while on the other side there is a traditional Micro-USB 3.0 port.

The new Portable SSD T3 - 2 GB storage USB-C port
To be added that this drive is also compatible with USB 2.0. Homing a USB-C port also means that this drive is compatible with the new MacBook, plus all mobile devices that feature a port like this. In the package, customers will find a USB-C to USB-A cable, allowing them to work will all computers and their regular USB ports.

Samsung Portable SSD T3 is considered to be slightly easier to use compared with the previous T1. This new SSD is pre-formatted in the exFAT format, which means that it will work with both Mac and Windows computers, without requiring a setup process.

So, the new Samsung Portable SSD T3 is recommended for everyone searching for a small and fast SSD. When compared with the previous model, it is a little more expensive, but it also has some new features. One of the most disappointing things is the three-year warranty, as even the T1 has the same deal. Probably, Samsung will have to back up its SSD’s with at least five-year warranty.
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