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Telegram Reaches 100 Million Users

Without a doubt, the success that Telegram is enjoying nowadays is quite impressive. The encrypted messaging app has revealed that it has no less than 100 million monthly active users.

Furthermore, it seems that the service's success is in continuous growth, as Telegram claimed that it actually has about 350,000 new users who join it each day.

Of course, there is a lot of traffic on this service, as it has been revealed that over 15 billion messages are sent over the app each day.

These impressive figures were actually revealed by the founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, during the Mobile World Congress that took place recently.

So, Durov revealed that Telegram has known quite an impressive growth in the most recent months. Actually, the last figures were revealed in May and since then the app has gained over 38 million new monthly active users.

Of course, despite this growth, Telegram is yet to become a serious competitor to Facebook's WhatsApp, which is known to have reached 1 billion monthly active users. 

Well, if battling WhatsApp is not simple at all, we can easily say the same thing about battling Facebook's Messenger, which has reached no less than 800 million active users, as it reported in January.

However, numerous analysts have claimed that Telegram has the potential to continue to grow and maybe it will be able to become a strong competitor on this segment of the market. Furthermore, Telegram has an important advantage: its focus on privacy. The company has always claimed that its interest is not in making profits, but actually in ensuring the privacy of its users.
Every day, 350,000 new users sign up for Telegram," Durov stated. "And we have zero marketing budget," he added. 
Telegram was first launched in 2013 by Durov and his brother Nikolai.
Well, this does not mean that Telegram has not met some criticism. The company has actually fell under scrutiny for allegedly allowing terrorists to securely communicate with one another over the app.

The app created by Durov was linked to the tragic attacks in Paris, being said that members of the Islamic State used Telegram to help coordinate the attacks.

Telegram has not sacrificed its privacy over these claims, but the company has started to crack down on channels that promote pornography and terrorist-related material.

Furthermore, Durov claimed that he supported Apple over its fight for privacy. The tech company has been involved in quite a big debate over the FBI's requirement for Apple to create a software that would allow the agency to access information on the encrypted iPhone of one of the attackers at San Bernardino.

Apple refused the demand, stressing out the importance of privacy. Well, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has received a lot of support from other tech giants over this case and it seems now that Durov is one of them.

"I side with Tim Cook," he said according to The Financial Times. "Society in each country has to decide whether they want to make this trade-off, between privacy and what is perceived as high security and lower risk of terrorism."

The debate over these issues remains on and the opinions are definitely shared.
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