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The new Asus ZenFone Zoom

Asus has unveiled its new phone, called the ZenFone Zoom. This new phone is considered to be the first device that has optical zoom lens that doesn’t protrude out of the phone. Yes, this seems to be a great accomplishment for Asus.

However, probably customers should not hurry up and spend their money on this new device, because they should know that it also has some down sides.

So, at first, they should find out that the new Asus ZenFone Zoom comes with a slow camera and its software doesn’t function very well.

To be added that this new phone costs 399 dollars, which is a little bit expensive, especially for a phone that has many minuses.

This means that customers who are looking for phones with great cameras should probably opt for Apple iPhone 6S Plus or something from Samsung’s Galaxy line. Of course, they cost more, but customers will not be disappointed.

This doesn’t mean that Asus ZenFone Zoom is a bad phone, because it also has some great specs and features. Asus’s new phone is considered to have great potential, especially for a second-generation phone. Looking at this phone, probably the first question that will pop-up to people’s mind is if there are customers who are looking for a phone with an optical zoom lens.

Well, they should be surprised, because there is a high number of customers who are looking for an alternative to their dSLR cameras.

Moreover, the new Asus ZenFone Zoom promises an accurate zooming, allowing users to capture details that a traditional phone camera is not able to comprise.

So, the new Asus ZenFone Zoom has the ability to function as a two-in-one phone. This new phone is probably the best version when it comes to other previous experiments in optical zoom phones, for example Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung K Zoom. Another plus is that the new Asus ZenFone Zoom is not clunky at all and it feels very comfortable in hand.
ZenFone Zoom -  accurate zooming alternative for DSLR

As for design, Asus earns some extra points. It has an intelligent design and the company has managed to shrink down the zoom mechanism and added it inside the phone. This means that there is no ugly and clunky barrel outside the phone.

The optical zoom lens on the phone might make everyone wonder if the photos are as good as they should be. Well, yes and no.

The camera will allow users to zoom close to the action to receive all the incredible details, but not by much compared with a normal camera. Moreover, the low light performance is not as good as it should be and sometimes the phone has some problems with close-up shots.

As for the battery, the company claims that it will last approximately 10 hours, which is considered to be quite decent. So, is this an attractive and worth to buy phone? Well, yes, but probably after Asus will decide to cut off the price a little.
The new Asus ZenFone Zoom Reviewed by John Colston on 3:05 PM Rating: 5
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