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The new Endless Mini is a low-cost desktop

Well, it looks like low-cost desktops are starting to gain interest on the market. This is also valid for the new Endless Mini, which has been released these days.

It is good to know that low-cost desktop computers are starting to grow on the market because this way, everybody will afford to own a real computer. The promise of a computer for any budget started to gain a lot of interest and many companies began building such a device.

Unfortunately, even if computers for any budget and for anyone in the world have started to expand on the market, the major limitation is still the access to Internet. This means that not everyone has the possibility to have access to applications, and more important to information. That’s something that people will have to think about and find a way to share the information that is found on the Internet with the entire world.

However, probably this ambition cannot be achieved in a second, so the process of achieving it is a step by step one. For starters, we have a desktop computer that is affordable for everybody. This device is called Endless Mini and it is a microdesktop that comes with an attractive design and preloaded content, especially educational.

Endless Mini Pros

So, this makes the new Endless Mini unique on the market, because it offers wide functionality even without Internet access. This computer is available at the price of 79 dollars and it packs an ARM Cortex A5 CPU from Amlogic, accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 24GB of solid-state storage.

Moreover, customers will also be able to opt for the 99 dollars model, which comes with a 32GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and most important, it homes a Bluetooth and a Wi-Fi antenna. To be added that both of these models run Endless OS, which is a custom Linux operating system, but with a familiar phone-like tile interface. However, it looks pretty attractive and most important it is easy to use.

Endless Mini UI

Customers who are willing to spend more money should be happy to know that there is also a much expensive Endless Mini version, which costs 189 dollars and runs of an Intel Celeron processor.

The new Endless Mini was presented at CES 2016, and starting with this week, the attractive mini desktop computer is available to be ordered online. As it was mentioned earlier, Endless Mini has a good-looking design, featuring a cylindrical cardboard container which looks like a globe.

As for the colors, white dominates the device, but it also has translucent red accents. As for ports, users will find a single USB port situated on the front, while the rest of the connections and ports are placed on the back panel.

To be added that the new Endless Mini is not the single low-cost desktop on the market, because there are other interesting and cheap models, like Intel Compute Stick available at the price of 159 dollars.

To be mentioned that Intel’s device runs Windows 10 as its operating system and an Intel Atom processor.
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