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The new Immedia Blink available in Sale starting with February

The new Immedia Blink was first released as a Kickstarter back in July 2014, and in February this year, it will be available in sale. This tiny camera has raised over 1 million dollars and now it has been finally launched on the market.

In 2014, when it was presented on Kickstarter by Immedia, people haven’t seen many battery-powered camera models with free cloud storage, especially at a very reasonable price. The new Immedia Blink is available at the price of 79 US dollars, but its cost will increase at 99 US dollars starting with February 1.

It’s been a year since people first found out about the Immedia Blink, and at the moment its features are not unique anymore. On the market, there are plenty of other battery-reliant and cord-free models from Homeboy and Netgear. Moreover, a large number of brands are adding free cloud storage to their cameras.

To be added that customers will also be able to find a large variety of lower-priced DIY cameras available on the market, for example the Ezviz Mini, Guardzilla and the iSmartAlarm Spot. All these three models cost somewhere around 100 US dollars or even less.

Unfortunately, Immedia Blink doesn’t come with many features, which means that the most important specs are missing. Among the features that are missing are audio alerts, two-way talk, on-demand video recording, environmental sensors that alert users changes in temperature and in-app rules.

However, the company has declared that they have plans to add some of these specs in the future. But, at the moment, the new Immedia Blink might find it hard to convince everyone that it is worthwhile.

As for design, Immedia Blink is pretty small, featuring rounded edges that measure 2.77 inches by 2.77 inches. Outside the box, users will see two lithium AA batteries, the camera and the mounting hardware.

So, this means that users will have to install the camera in a fixed spot or just position it to hit an optimal angle with the help of the stand. Unfortunately, customers will not benefit of a magnetic base like the one mounted on Nest Cam, Ezviz Mini or the Netgear Arlo.

Another minus for the new Immedia Blink is the durability. Why? Well, it hasn't been designed for outdoor use. This tiny camera has the look and feel of a plastic smart-home hub, so its place is definitely not outside.

As for the camera, Immedia Blink is equipped with a 720p 110-degree field of view lens, an infrared LED for night vision, a motion sensor and a Micro-USB slot.

To be added that this model also includes a Sync Module, which has an included power adapter. This Sync Module communicates with Immedia Blink via a lower-power radio channel and it has a built-in USB port to facilitate future updates.

The installation is relatively simple, users will just have to create a username and a password, then open the confirmation email and verity their account. After that, they have to plug in the Sync Module, connect it to their local Wi-Fi network and install the included AA batteries in the camera.
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