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A good-looking tracker called Fitbit Alta

Fitbit is one of the best fitness trackers on the market. Models like Charge HR and Surge are among the company’s most successful and popular trackers. However, these models are not considered jewelry, so people would not wear them at special occasions, like weddings or stylish nights out.

Well, we must say that Fitbit is changing. The new Fitbit Alta is considered to be the company’s most stylish and good-looking tracker so far. The new model is slim, supports a large variety of interchangeable bands and has a nice, big display.

Moreover, the new Fitbit Alta also does all the basics, tracking burned calories, distance, steps, active minutes, sleep and much more. Fitbit Alta is without a doubt one of the favorite trackers that Fibit has released. But, it has a big downside, its price.

Fitbit Alta is available at the price of 130 dollars, with is a big price compared with many other models on the market. Moreover, the previous model, Fitbit Charge HR, is often discounted around the same price as the recent models, so this will make a lot of clients stop and think.

However, the new Fitbit Alta has a large variety of features, like being able to display text, calls, messages, calendar alerts and much more from users’ Android and iPhone devices. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a heart-rate sensor like Charge HR and it is not water-resistant, meaning that users will not be able to wear it in the pool or shower.

However, for customers who prefer a Fitbit that looks good and can be worn at different occasions, the new Fitbit Alta is the best model. This tracker can be suitable on every wrist size or gender and it looks great on just about everything. These things cannot be said about Garmin Vivosmart HR or Charge HR.

This new model comes with a quick-release mechanism that makes it easy for users to swap out the bands. The company offers multiple options that help users personalize their device. Fitbit Alta has a basic rubber strap in a large variety of colors for everyday use, but also a metal and leather strap for a special night out.

Unfortunately, these bands are not included in the package, which means that users will have to buy them separately. Moreover, the bands are a bit overpriced, for example the leather band is available at the price of 60 dollars, the metal at 100 dollars and the rubber straps at 30 dollars.

So, this means that the total price of the tracker will be approximately 230 dollars, which is very high. At this price, customers will be able to buy a smartwatch, for example the Apple Watch.

Al of these optional wristbands are having a two-button clasp, which makes it much easier to swap them. As for the device, there are no physical buttons, which is pretty sleek and the display will turn on when users raise their wrist or tap the top of the strap.
A good-looking tracker called Fitbit Alta Reviewed by Anette Keyne on 5:30 PM Rating: 5
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