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A New Alternative For Cable Television: The New Sony PlayStation Vue

Sony PlayStation Vue

Sony is coming with a better alternative for cable, called PlayStation Vue. However, Sony has not been the only company interested in this possibility. Actually, Apple has also been trying to come with something like this for years, but they have gone back and forth with the purpose to offer an Internet-delivered TV service to take down cable.

So, it looks like Sony has been faster, releasing an interesting way for people to cut off cable and use an Internet TV service. It is called Sony PlayStation Vue and it has first debuted as a second option
compared with Sling TV. Vue has always been a better service compared to Sling, offering more channels and features, including “cloud DVR,” but it was available in only a few US cities. So, with some better improvements, Sony PlayStation Vue is now back. Moreover, Sony has decided to cut off prices, add new channels and bring additional device support.

At the moment, Sony PlayStation Vue is probably the best option compared with Sling TV, being superior in most ways and accessible to a large variety of people. Sony has added new nationwide “Slime” packages at the price of 30 dollars for 50-odd channels, including Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC.

Another interesting thing is that users will no longer need a PlayStation to use the service. Sony PlayStation Vue is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices, including a 35 dollars Stick. This service is also available on Chromecast, iPads, iPhones, and the company has declared that more devices are coming soon. Probably, Vue will not appear on Apple TV, but it is likely to be featured on Android and Roku apps.

To be added that Vue still requires a broadband Internet connection. This means that users will have to own a contract with an Internet provider. Unfortunately, Sony PlayStation Vue still lacks a few key channels, for example local channels in most of the countries and some local sports. However, Vue still remains a good financial sense and it can be a good option for users to cut the cable cord without any second thoughts.

Internet TV services are starting to enter the market, so people will have to get familiar with these services. So, Vue is very easy to use and people could consider it a live TV. These service also have commercials, but users are able to skip them. For starters, Vue needs a broadband Internet connection, 10mbps or higher is recommended for the best experience. Unlike other Internet TV services, Vue offers the possibility for users to watch five TVs simultaneously from one account.

Another good thing about Vue is that there is no equipment rental, contract or other extra costs.

So, probably that the main question that everyone will ask is if Internet TV services will resolve the channel access problem. Probably no, because there are some channels, like BBC America, PBS, CSPAN, and NFL Red Zone that aren’t available on Sling or Vue, but can be found on traditional cable services.

However, Sony PlayStation Vue has a much better channels selection than Sling TV.
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