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Apple Announces March 21 Product Event

Apple Announces March 21 Product Event

It has finally been confirmed: Apple will be hosting its upcoming event on March 21. This means that the rumors have been confirmed and the tech company will really hold an event by the end of the month.

So, Apple has started to send invitations to the media in order to attend the event which will be taking place at the company's Cupertino, California, campus.

Well, the fact is that Apple has revealed nothing about what it plans on launching at this upcoming event, although numerous rumors have talked about a series of releases, including the much debated iPhone 5SE. This is said to be a special edition iPhone, as it will actually come with a four-inch design that will bring back the classic iPhone look. This device is believed to also come with an A9 processor, which is actually now found on the iPhone 6s.

Besides the smaller iPhone, Apple is also expected to unveil a new updated iPad. Of course, Apple did not confirm the rumors and the tech giant revealed nothing on its intentions for the upcoming releases.

Apple will be holding its upcoming event as the famous company is engaged in quite a battle over privacy with the US government. Apple has been contesting for several weeks now a request it received from authorities when it comes to unlocking the iPhone used by one of the attackers that killed no less than 14 people in San Bernardino.

Apple provided authorities the data it had stored, but the popular company refused to create a software to unlock data stored on the device, saying that this could only lead to weaker security protection for customers and set a precedent that could make many other companies be in the situation of creating tools to help government officials to access such data. The case is yet to be concluded, but Apple definitely seems determined to not allow authorities to win.

An interesting thing to mention in this context is that Apple's event on March 21 will he held on Monday, even though the tech company used its fans to hold such events on Tuesdays. It seems that this legal battle is the reason for the change. So, Apple will hold its event on Monday this time because its first hearing on the case against the FBI will take place on Tuesday, March 22.

Well, not only that Apple might be dealing with some problems linked to this case, but things have not been going that great for the tech company when it comes to sales, either. Actually, the sales of the iPhone have stopped growing with the same rate that they had in the past few months and even more than that, the sales of the iPad have started to decline. This means that the famous company needs to release some new devices that would once again ensure its success.

It is yet to see if this will be happening at the event that Apple has been scheduling now.
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