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Apple workers threaten to strike if FBI wins

Apple workers threaten to strike if FBI wins

The fight between Apple and the FBI is yet to be concluded and it seems that not only the famous company, but also its workers, don't plan on complying with the agency's demands. So, it has recently been reported that Apple's employees might hold a strike if the FBI will win this battle.

So, this means that it might not be enough for the FBI to obtain a court order that will make Apple compelled to create a run around the security of the iPhone. In case this order will be issued, key Apple engineers threaten to quit, meaning that Apple might not have the expertise to create such a technology. This would surely be bad news for the FBI, but also for Apple.

A court hearing is set to take place on this case in a couple of days and it might just decide what will happen in this battle over privacy. The company has been pressured by the Justice Department to create a custom software that could give it access to the content and data stored on the iPhone that belonged to one of the attackers that killed no less than 14 people in December, in San Bernardino. Apple has fought this order, claiming that it would only create a backdoor that will turn out undermining the privacy and the security of all iPhones.

Opinions are shared on who is right, and while Apple has numerous supports, there are also many who think that the popular tech giant should comply with the demand and create the work around to the iPhone's data. Well, it now seems that not only Apple might have a word to say about this, but also its key employees.

So, Apple employees are said to have already talked about what they should be doing in case Apple loses in court. The news was reported by the New York Times, which revealed that Apple workers have claimed that they would prefer quitting their jobs than having to create a software that would only weaken and put at risk the system that they designed.

Apple has said in court that creating such a software will take six to ten engineers over a period of one month work. Of course, this means that the engineers will have to remain at Apple to be able to work at this run around software. If the knowledgeable people will leave the company, Apple might actually be in the situation of being unable to comply with a possible court order.

However, if employees do not quit, but refuse to create the software, Apple would most likely be fined in contempt. The case is definitely drawing a lot of interest in US, but not only. Meanwhile, Apple is preparing for its March event, during which the famous company is said to unveil a new iPhone. This is believed a 4-inch iPhone that could bring back the classic design of the phone, which numerous people enjoyed. Numerous other rumors have been associated to this upcoming event.
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