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Audeze Sine comes with planar magnetic drivers

Audeze Sine comes with planar magnetic drivers

At the price of 450 dollars, the new Audeze Sine is probably the most affordable headphone that comes with planar magnetic drivers. Thanks to this feature, Audeze Sine sounds pretty spacious, coherent and with low distortion.

However, coming with planar magnetic drivers, the new Audeze Sine is totally different compared with other headphones that can be found on the mainstream headphones market. Another model that shares the same feature as Audeze Sine is Oppo PM-3.

However, this model has a closed-back design, which makes it more interesting and is also one of the few models that is optimized for mobile use. So, Audeze Sine has been marked as the world’s first on-ear planar magnetic headphone.

But what is the difference between open and closed back design headphones with planar magnetic drivers? 

 Well, the open-back model generally offers more airy and open sound, but unfortunately it leaks sound, making such devices less ideal for use in open space or in the presence of other people.

So, the new Audeze Sine is one of the best headphone models on the market, being highly recommended for audiophile customers. With this great sound, users will definitely take their entire music collection and listen to all the great sound details that this headphone has to offer.

As for design, this new model is very attractive, featuring a leather covered headband and earcups, but also well-built metal parts.

Moreover, it has the ability to fold flat and be introduced into an included storage pouch. To be added that this model is also perfect for iPhone users, especially for the upcoming iPhone 7. The new Audeze Sine will probably be the first wired headphone to be compatible with the new Apple phone as it supports the Apple-approved Cipher Lightning cable.

This cable is included in the 500 dollars bundle of the headphone, along with the standard cable with a 3.5mm plug. This Lightning cable also has an inline remote and an integrated microphone for making calls with the iPhone.

Unfortunately, the standard cable with a 3.5mm plug doesn’t have an integrated microphone or remote. Compared with other headphones on the market, Audeze Sine is probably the best one out there. This model is also very comfortable, weighing 8.1 ounces and it does a great job keeping out ambient noise.

For an extra 50 dollars, the Cipher Lightning cable offers a high-quality sound. This new cable acts like a headphone amp, boosting bass and volume. However, a real headphone amp also improves the sound significantly, which this cable doesn’t. For customers who do not intend to use this headphone on an iPhone, the acquisition of the Lightning cable is not necessarily.

Audeze’s decision to build a planar magnetic driver on a small headphone model seems to be a good idea. The new Sine model will definitely be a huge hit on the market, because it offers an excellent sound and a well-built design. Moreover, the support for the rumored iPhone 7 model is also a huge plus for this headphone.
Audeze Sine comes with planar magnetic drivers Reviewed by Anette Keyne on 5:00 PM Rating: 5
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