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Fitbit has released the new Blaze

Fitbit has released the new Blaze

Even if the fitness tracker market is filled with thousands of models, Fitbit has released these days its new Blaze. This new model is more like a fitness tracker that works as a watch. Is this going to be an attraction on the market? Probably yes. But, to be added that there a plenty other normal watches that come with some basic fitness features.

Let’s take Withings Activite Pop for example. This is a smartwatch, but it also functions as a fitness tracker. This is not the only model on the market, because there are plenty other smartwatches available in sale that are able to provide some health tracking features.

What is the difference between them and the new Fitbit Blaze? 

We should say that the battery life may be the only difference.
These smartwatches that also have some fitness features need a lot of charging, including the Apple Watch.

Here is the part where the new Fitbit Blaze makes the difference. This new model is the company’s first major attempt to release an everyday watch, but also to function as a fitness tracker. Fitbit’s new device is somewhere between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It is available at the price of 200 dollars and it comes with a large variety of bands and accessories that can make it look more attractive.

Blaze smartwatch

 However, it is not a secret that Fitbit wants Blaze to look attractive, featuring an interesting and also unique design.

The new Fitbit Blaze comes with an interesting retro design, reminding customers of something from the 80s. This new device comes with a wide screen and sharp corners that probably aren’t for everyone.

So, the company had some courage to make a design that will probably not impressive everyone. But, one thing is sure.

After trying on the new Fitbit Blaze, everything will change and customers will be able to impress with how good it looks on their wrist. It feels pretty comfortable on the hand, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with an always-on screen.

However, even if the LED touchscreen blinks off after a couple of seconds, users will just have to raise their wrist or tap to turn on the screen.

Some of the most interesting features that this watch can do are, tracking steps, heart rate, stair climbing and sleep automatically. It is not something unique or something that other devices on the market cannot do.

Fitbit Blaze also adds a large color touchscreen and side buttons, allowing users to start and stop workouts, plus get state mid-session. To be added that this device comes with four fitness watch faces, being very easy to read. In the end, this watch can also work as a timer or stopwatch.

To be added that Fitbit Blaze also comes with some smart functions, for example it shows incoming phone calls and calendar reminders, plus it is able to receive texts. Another interesting thing to know is that it is able to control music playback from users’ phone.
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